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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:13

First 9 Months 528 Million Dollar Export Aydin

First 9 Months 528 Million Dollar Export Aydin
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Aydın Chamber of Industry ( AYSO ) President Mehmet Yunus Falcon, the first 9 years of Aydınlı exporter ayında528 million 462 thousand 610 dollars of exports realized , he said .

Aydın news: Photo Aydin's September exports declined by 10 percent compared to the same month last year, 55 million 113 thousand 151 dollars fell noted that AYSO President Mehmet Jonah Falcon, \"the first 9 months of the year a total of 528 million 462 thousand 610's exports amounted to USD 2013 it is seen that record increased by 4 percent compared to January-September period . according to the previous month our exports in September, showing an increase of 18 percent in food products and beverages was effective nec of machinery and equipment sector . periodically rise experienced in dried figs in the expected food industry despite the hardship has increased. quarrying and in September last year in the mining sector 8 million 191 thousand 181 dollars in figures , this year's 6 million 968 thousand 782 dollars was realized 14 percent has fallen . despite this negative impact on export a specific compared to the previous month recovery trend seen \"he said. had the highest export from the country's 38 million 324 thousand 754 Photo Aydin , explaining that the US dollar Falcon, \"the ongoing geopolitical developments in our region continues to pose significant risks on export performance. Despite these risks , our actual exports in the last 12 months when considering Aydin was 709 million 797 thousand 352 dollars. Realized that figure is more than 3 percent of exports in 2013, \"he said.
< Strong> IMPORT LOW Photo import figures with exports in September also stated that the decline Sahin, said:\"If we look at Aydin's import figures compared with September of last year, a decline of 14 percent was 18 million 399 thousand 330 dollars. As the ratio of exports to imports to meet in providing the maximum benefit with the figures of imports continues to contribute positively to reduce gradually the Intellectuals \"

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