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  • 13 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 11:19

First, the battery inserted into your brain health , then have the opportunity to dream

First, the battery inserted into your brain health , then have the opportunity to dream
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Nurettin Slow Parkinson's patients living in Bursa , from the clutches of the disease , Dr.

İstanbul news: Nurettin Slow Parkinson's patients living in Bursa , from the clutches of the disease , Dr. Akaka was saved by a crowd . Held in Istanbul on the battery inserted surgically into your brain and your heart the old man went on pilgrimage had dreamed of for years . Slow Nurettin send off by relatives , could not be in tears . According to information obtained
, UU 68-year-old living in the village at the foot of Cherry Nurettin Slow, eight years ago, was found in applying for pilgrimage . But after a while Parkinson's disease turns out to be a slow, progressive disease from day to day was the prisoner . Experiencing excessive vibration , can not eat without assistance , can not be buttoned shirt Nurettin slow , difficulty in speaking and began to walk . Slow falling into bed in the last 5 years the desire to attain the holy lands due to progressive disease was dreaming .'I can not go now , \"he lamented Slow relatives took in Istanbul as a last resort .
Goztepe Medical Park Hospital Neurosurgery Specialist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Akaka slow the influx of examination , brain cells by the method could return to healthy days old when he learned with great joy agreed to have surgery . 6 hours slow the brain during an operation Nurettin battery was installed. Nurettin slowly recovering rapidly after surgery , one dream out to the holy land . The old man bade farewell to their relatives prayers , tears recounting experiences . Together take a journey where his wife consoling Prom is slow , \"Now do not cry. Television attracts us ,\"he said .
Live they can not believe that said Nurettin slow , for many years fought for disorders in Istanbul under the knife , adding that \"three months of treatment I've seen . my heart the battery was installed. Hajj go the 8-9 years I've been waiting . Lord pilgrimage this year has bestowed . ago my health , then the dream got my .'m very happy , \"he said .
Prom Slow ( 64 ), the wife of the advancing Parkinson's disease due to the brain and into the heart of a battery is installed , adding that \"my wife out could not climb . Allah'ıma thankfully , the old return to health ,\"he said .
the old man's son Osmangazi Municipality Vice Mayor Halil Rotary , the \"Parkinson's disease. 8 years ago could not walk, needs I could not see . treatment was . brains batteries were inserted. He healed thanks to the battery , and today we bid farewell to the holy land him . 8 years ago was found in applying for pilgrimage . at that time it was not so sick . Now very happy. 2-3 years ago, can not even imagine ,'I can not go now,'he said. Currently shedding tears of happiness , \"he said .
Slow restore health to perform the surgery Asst. Assoc. Dr. Akin Akaka ,\"The patient had severe Parkinson's disease. Quickly recovered after the operation . Now you can do whatever you want without assistance . As the disease progresses only speak very little difficulty . Other than that, no complaints left. In the fight against Parkinson's disease, early treatment is very important . Early treatment of our patients Our success rate is much higher , \"he said.
Nurettin slow the pilgrimage to the request responded positively indicating that the Asst. Assoc. Dr. Akaka's , Parkinson's patients in the healing process moral motivation is very important drew attention . Dr. AKAKIN , \"causes Parkinson's depression . Therefore, the patient must have the morale . Nurettin Bey accelerate the healing process was a desire to go on pilgrimage . Our patients such reasonable requests always positive We are approaching , \"he said .
Nurettin Bey's son Hussein slow , the father of the preoperative unaided can not eat , his shirt , even buttonholes failed , hardly able to move , saying that \"after the surgery my father recovered quickly . Chills passed , doing everything he wants . Prayer makes the field is going to . My biggest dream is to be made ​​the pilgrimage also happy , \"he said .

First, the battery inserted into your brain health , then have the opportunity to dream" comments for.


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