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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:04

Fitness Test was held for students

Fitness Test was held for students
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District of Malatya Dogansehir , \"Doğanşehir Looking for Talent Project\"made ​​sports tests to students.

Malatya news: Photo of Youth Services and Sports, District Manager and District National in the Department of Education coordinator \"Doğanşehir Looking for Talent Project\"physical fitness test held as part of , their Inonu University Athletic Trainers Oguz Orion's help , the District was held at the Directorate of Education astroturf .
determined by the physical fitness test physical education teachers 150 students attended. All physical education students in physical fitness test that involved the teacher was tested in 9 different stations . In these tests students size , weight , age, and physical measurements were taken of family members . The body mass index was obtained. Flexibility , muscular endurance , muscular strength value , flexibility was measured by dual board feet flat waist. With push-ups and sit-ups movement muscular endurance and strength , vertical and horizontal jump were measured . 30 m sprint values ​​was taken and a total of 9 separate tests . Uncover students with sports talent in our district and it was pretty great interest in the project aimed at quality athletes training . Photo Project , District Education Manager Caner Güler, Youth Services and Sports, District Manager Ahmet Dalcan , Inonu University coach Oguz Avci, Physical Education Teacher Suat Sea Turgut Can, Fevzi Pulat , Fatih small, Abdullah Cetin, Suleyman Yildirim, Ali Zelyurt , Hakan alone, Kazim lame jokes and Salman took part .


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