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  • 18 Eylül 2013, Çarşamba 10:44

Five thousand dollars will be resting in the side to come!

Five thousand dollars will be resting in the side to come!
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Lying in bed for 70 days, a special 5 thousand dollars per month to be paid to volunteers

NASA 's will perform a special test bed to sleep for 70 days, the volunteers TV monitor internet use only. Volunteers will be paid 5 thousand dollars per month

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), micro-gravity spacecraft astronauts during liftoff in order to determine how it affects the monthly volunteers wishing to participate in experiments will pay five thousand dollars. Tasks for 70 days just to sleep in a bed prepared for them than the beginning of the volunteers' legs held above.


to light for 16 hours each day, 8 hours of sleep in the dark body of the values ​​of the participants , experts and high-tech devices to be controlled at any time. Television viewing, internet use, the volunteers will have the chance to read newspapers and books, as if they want to be able to accept visitors. Volunteers, where they stayed thanks to a special device that can not even shower. Depending on the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston in the United States recently began work as a volunteer reportedly attended by a large number of experiments within the framework. Volunteers who had three times before lying down 70'er Heather Archuletta day, lived experience, said the following words:Sticky Thread"I am a very active person.'s Sometimes very difficult to stay connected to a bed. But I do it for the sake of the future of space exploration, and many others endured. Moreover the money is very good."

Five thousand dollars will be resting in the side to come!" comments for.


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