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  • 20 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 10:13

Flash in your child's eyes could be apocalyptic

Flash in your child's eyes could be apocalyptic
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Children are always innocent sparkle in your eyes and drift can be .

Adana news: Children are always innocent sparkle in your eyes and drift can be . Of the eye in the photo , yellow and white emergence or eye shift the eye of the lost cause , the \"Retinoblastoma \"so eye tumor precursor may be specified .
IN THE EYE FLASH retinoblastoma, the most important symptom
luminous bodies of infants during breast-feeding mother and even mother's refusal to follow the gülümsemeyiş who could be a harbinger of serious eye defects world eye Hospital, Adana Medical Coordinator Op. Dr. Cuneyt Karaarslan , \"especially in newborns , the eye of darkness instead of being white and bright to be a serious childhood disease intraocular tumor ( retinoblastoma ) sign can be. Besides, in childhood eye misalignment ( strabismus ) , cataract , glaucoma and vision loss , such as complaints as retinoblastoma or neuroblastoma symptoms of can be , \"he said .
EARLY DIAGNOSIS yOUR CHILD could save your life
a serious childhood tumors with retinoblastoma, the most common of the period after birth 3 up to the age that emphasizes Karaarslan , \"especially in the newborn period with early detection of children's eye kurtarılamas in life may be saved . fact, tumors in the retina very limited area was involved and the entire retina threatened if the eye is also recovered. Retinoblasyo early , when we get to see the rescue can . however treatment too late , if tumors in the eye as she has committed unfortunately the eye result in a range can , \"he said .
retinoblastoma in the acute phase were recorded
familial pass as possible as the tumor only that the child could be seen as indicating Karaarslan , \"In the past retinoblastoma resulted only upon the receipt of consideration ; In recent years, significant progress has been made. Improved chemotherapy ( drug treatment ) protocols, eye rescue and other therapeutic procedures, to allow for the tumor shrinkage by creating a significant successes have been achieved , \"he said .
family history of cancer WITHOUT THESE TUMORS encountered can
children in the older age groups, the incidence of neuroblastoma increased attention Karaarslan , \"in children neuroblastoma is a tumor that can occur later in life . I usually genetic factors are at the forefront of neuroblastoma . However, without a family history of cancer can experience these tumor types . Neuroblastoma of the eye in the dark when it should be a bright reflective white formations that also attract attention from the outside of the eye can be said of the closure . Unfortunately, with more life-threatening and around the eyes rather than the distant metastasis to other parts of the body is capable of a range of tumor types . From our perspective, more troublesome is the harbinger of a clinical process . Other tumor types in children with rhabdomyosarcoma of the eye muscle groups within and around the eyes is very dangerous still is a tumor of interest . These three tumors for us during childhood eye interests of tumors is one , \"he said .
your children MUST regular eye examinations BOOK
in children with tumors in relation to the families of serious duties that said Karaarslan has continued his speech:
\"Families are taking care of children just does not see . If you see it looks like there is no problem . Eye sight , regardless of the routine checks should be made ​​carefully . If the disease is diagnosed early because of the child to see how much life and so are less affected . \"

Flash in your child's eyes could be apocalyptic" comments for.


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