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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:30

Flat Municipality:\"Food Procurement Irregularities in None \"

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Flat Municipality, the profit from the auction dinner 2014, denied reports that the rights provided.

İstanbul news: The statement made by the municipality , \"Food procurement , 4734 was carried out as ordered by the public procurement law Article 19 . It is definitely not a fraud and irregularities \"the statement said . Photo Flat Municipality, the rights in his written statement coming out against that provision profit from the auction dinner 2014 news denied . Photo made ​​in a statement, stating that it is intended to itibarsılaştır agency news , \"Flat Municipality, in the written and visual media outlets for that provided rent out the tender meal of 2014 from scratch and news service intended to discredit our organization are made ​​. Accordingly 09-November 10 dated some media only to mislead the public without having information about the location of areas in the body and this statement to the media for creating a bad perception about the institution in society CHP Councillors were made by Peters correct . showing the fastest increase in population and in Istanbul, Turkey Flat-year average is 100 thousand migration. Population rapidly increased to meet all kinds of needs and requirements of the people in the county Flat Municipality, upon request within the scope of the welfare state concept, providing social peace and cohesion that Ramazan-Muharram iftar programs, funeral and condolence dishes, Civil Society Organizations , in need of help ( elderly , handicapped, sick and needy eat citizens ), protocol dishes, make our municipalities where the opening is met with organizations dishes \"expressions were used . officials pointed out that no irregularity has done in Photo Dining tender , \"As we look to the organizations of this kind in other towns in Istanbul low cost and reach wider audiences with Flat Municipality is located in the front row . Said food tender , was built in 4734 as Article 19 of the public procurement law ordered . There is certainly a fraud and irregularities. Our tender is through Public Procurement Authority control. This kind of our municipal negative remarks to prevent these activities and do not want to let go of the citizens of our service , touches the human and social product from a mindset against the project and an unfounded statement that the lack of information , \"he said. Photo News in the statement stated that the estimated budget last figure , \"said the budget was 60 percent currently . Thus, 10 million 830 thousand as mentioned in the news ? our organization has not been paid or bill. This member of the city council made ​​a statement regarding the issue Engin right not to bungle even doldurmamışk that the first year of council membership , despite the lack of knowledge about the application of budget and budget public information Rather than creating a negative perception about our municipality creating Saib which reveals the dirty side of politics. Our organization did not implicate employees by making unfounded accusations and slanders about we have initiated the judicial process relating to municipal councilors . Our institution showing the public media organs like a criminal in our municipality that news has certainly made ​​an opinion without notice or explanation. The most important principle which violates the principle of neutrality of the press media organizations are invited to show sensitivity on this issue, \"the statement said.

Flat Municipality:\"Food Procurement Irregularities in None \"" comments for.


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