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  • 31 Mayıs 2013, Cuma 20:33

Flower hair is opened!

Flower hair is opened!
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Fashion, talking about our hair.

unstable weather of spring summer sun finally showed his face. Nature adorns herself. Even if the fashion world has already welcomed font. Podium, a retro air, the hair spring winds ... You can also decorate your hair type you want to share the excitement?

fashion designers, accessories adorn hair for the summer season 2013. Ladies give up wet hair, weaves a thousand varieties of creative, fashionable hair atkuyrukları and will be on the left. Be ready in a hurry to leave the house, shabby and grunge hair ... And of course, healthy hair is always in fashion trend!


kuaförlerinin founder, the famous hair stylist and hairdresser with Orhan Almond talked about summer hair trends and maintenance recommendations for the summer. Almond:"City's HS OB is a collection of artistic season Retro Nouveau design team creating the era of hair models, colors and clothing styles influenced're getting,"he says and adds line of fashion trends from the past Liz Taylor in parallel with the familiar, retro icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy inspiration."

crown hair, small bows

every lady's house this summer, apply plenty of hair fashion accessories. We use the correct ribbon, scarf and hair spray to style hair for a nostalgic 60s together in fashion, in fact not at all difficult. Hair volumizing foam applied on wet hair and then took back our hair picking up the neck, floral eşarbımızı the bow on the front will catch connecting as a stylish fashion 60s. Hair trends of the season, or a metallic buckle Nicole Roberts stars as the Cannes which is the gateway to an image can have simple and elegant.


Is it possible to think of a season that

weave fashion? Of course not! Messy braids, creative weaves, braided buns on the streets this summer we will see in most models. The new face of Mango Olivia Palermo at the red carpet easily can apply our model we faced with a braided.

long hair loose, scattered and broken on the way Weaving stalactites. Turn your face towards the front of the lock of hair in front of the couple. Taking some time to yourself in your braided hair of a like nature ışıldadığınıza'll be amazed at how to add real flowers.

Bulk hair

hits Horsetail and knobs of the season. And ease of use, as well as a fine for everyday use and special occasions with all kinds of knobs galore this summer, we'll see. Horsetail is also showing the face of fine ladies indispensable. Nicole Kidman at Cannes messy braided knob uses have created olmayanımız nostalgic fans! Women always had a strong showing in the neck tight knob Uma Thurman Cannes yıldızlarındandı elegance and beauty.

wet hair, grunge shabby either

emerged from the sea, such as showering or wet-look fashionable hairstyles this season. Wet gels, and sprays that you can easily apply a model view. This is the upper part of the hair wet look hair model knack release giving the hair ends.


be comfortable this summer, sticking out into the street because they get out of bed shabby and that image of grunge hair trends this summer. Please note that the woman's hair quickly şekillendirebilen strong women.

Healthy hair is always in fashion

start to our holiday plans coming along. However, we sea, sand and sun while enjoying our hair gradually fade, losing vitality and yıprandığının not conscious of. Almond, the strength of our hair lost due to intense sun, lost vitality and brightness of the sun, before we raise our skin protective creams, oils, such as our hair and eye-catching way to keep its vitality in need of care is protective for parlayabilmesi said. Hair protection products, the sun, the sea and the pool water will maintain and protect your hair against the effects of harsh. Almond, more yıpratacağını hot summer hair blower, blow cold after the bath by applying moisture to the hair with a towel says it could avoid fraying.

Almond, hair care can provide important product groups and consult with experts on every occasion that to your advantage, he says. First, to protect against the damaging effects of the sun's moisture balance and protect our hair. Preference for the type of hair shampoo containing vitamin B5. Vitamin B5, and will further strengthen the hair moisture. After washing your hair with moisturizing cream coarse toothed comb to the ends of the scan ends towards the roots. To minimize the effect of the sun's harsh shampoo at least once a week in intensive care and restorative hair mask and then apply the cream. Booster apply to wet or dry hair serums, scanning easier and reducing frizz hair strong, silky smooth and will ensure that.

Author: Sarah Altun , freelance writer and editor. Tomorrow, Young Women, beauty and travel magazines such as Mother and Child
has written several articles on.

Flower hair is opened!" comments for.


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