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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:06

Foca FC, Wins Season's First 3 Points

Foca FC, Wins Season's First 3 Points
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New Bornova Sports FC 2-1 defeat Foca , has obtained the first 3 points of the season .

İzmir news: New Bornova Sports FC 2-1 defeat Foca , has obtained the first 3 points of the season . The first two weeks, faced by the draw with their rivals in Foca Municipality Sports Football Team , 2-1 , defeating New Bornova Sports has reached its first win . Photo Foca municipality in Sports, on behalf of all the players are very challenging to achieve the first three points and showed an avid football . Hope coach, scored 2 goals yıldızlaşırken , the keeper made ​​the save on the Euphrates eyes filled with Turguttekin . Sports fans watched with great interest by the day , prior to the start of the game and therefore played rain intervals during the oil in a heavy ground . Halftime red formayla starting Foca Municipality Sports, took place on the field with white jersey in the second half . Photo Foca FC, 3 minutes into the game, yet stylish Hope coach's goals in the match almost att he started ahead 1-0 . New Bornova Sports from Güleşçi Sabri , the balance of the game that brought free kick goal at 19 minutes and ended the first half 1-1.
54 minutes Foca FC were awarded a free throw shot. Captain shot by Serkan Tanrıseven use , and bounced from the opposing goalkeeper . Hope bouncing ball following a good coach, noted that he and his team 2 goals . This then increases the pressure for a new golden Bornova Sports equalizer , Foca Municipality responded with counterattacks , but in sport , not another goal in the game. 2nd half of the match, a 5-minute overtime period was added. 90 + 4, the day of the striker name Hope Aries, on the grounds that delayed the game 2 was out of the game with a red card for the foul. Photo Foca FC, next week , November 2, on Sunday , will play with Özçamdib Sports . Match which will be played at the Joseph Reaper Course will start at 15.00 hours .

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