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By UNESCO \"World Heritage Tentative List\"received Foca, will meet again with five thousand years of history .

İzmir news: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as a result of the restoration work on the main sponsorship of the Byzantine , Genoese and Ottoman city wall with traces of the Restoration Phase 1 has been completed. Then the magnificent view of the study regained Foca Castle . Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, county history infuriating work continued , UNESCO's lasting legacy to the list of Ephesus with Foca also want to get stressed that .
Izmir's tourism paradise in Foca Municipality with the support of the excavations and restoration significant progress in the study were enrolled . With five thousand years of history of the district to ensure re-embrace , City Wall Restoration Phase I has been completed. Restoration efforts , Byzantine, Genoese and Ottoman periods, bearing traces of the ancient city walls of Phocaea was erected .
Foca great importance in terms of tourism potential due to the completion of the study , a ceremony was held at the excavation site . Phocaeans show a great interest Speaking at the ceremony Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu , \"There you say , say there's no justification without offering ; Foca , Izmir, Aegean and the value of the emergence of our best financial and moral support we give and we will give . Them if we do in local development can achieve our goal we know , \"he said .
Foca city walls restoration after the row Cord path and the Temple of Athena save the future President Kocaoglu, \"Windmills those of you under the theater there . first excavations were made. Its also brought to light we want to . them doing together UNESCO's lasting legacy to the list of Pergamon after Ephesus and Foca also want to put , \"he said .
Metropolitan Municipality, with the support of the city center, Kadifekale restoration work continues reminiscent President Aziz Kocaoglu words continued as follows:< br/> \"16 thousand people over the expropriation of the presumed Roman Amphitheater , excavation begins . Agora restoration continues for 10 years . Chairman of the late Ahmet Pristina was first pushed the button for expropriation . Kadifekale've done behind the transformation of the city , lest history come to light . Agora , theater , and now we have identified the expropriation of areas and only costs £ 350 million . See who do not get it , you're telling narrative , which does not get heard . Excavation of all kinds of ants are trying to promote to the utmost of our power kararınca and will support . And when we put the city's priorities in order , our understanding of our historical consciousness has come forward. We spend the money for it . With the support we have received from the people of İzmir and energy we spend this money . Primary mission but not for the city , for humanity , this city open to the world for the bread and water as necessary as these expenditures are trying to do and continue to do will . \"
Foca Mayor Jennifer Demirağ , the county's historical richness emphasized in his speech , Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu's drawn in local development model of a dimension in the tourism and at the time of development that was expressed. Demirağ in these studies seriously take the lead , he said.
Phokai excavation leader Prof. Dr. Ömer Özyigit , Foca city walls stage 1 restoration completed , said:\"Now, more attention began to see the castle . Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is the main sponsor of our work and gave us great support . In particular, Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu Thank you very much , \"he said .
Cultural Assets and Museums Executive Vice President Zülküf Yilmaz, which will be larger restorations Foca's urbanism in terms of the UNESCO world heritage list a state of readiness future , said:\"Foca Turkey's world heritage list rightful place it will take , \"he said .
Foca Governor Niyazi Ulugölg if Foca tourism in the country in the eye baby will be the location for the future said he believes the importance of the study drew attention to and support organizations with thanks. < br/> in the district of Aegean University excavations carried out by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with financial support , while continuing Phokai excavation Team in 2009-2010 the city walls and the excavation began. Again excavation team and excavated by the architects uncovered walls restitution and restoration projects were carried out. projects in June of the year 2011 was approved by the Board of Protection . In the middle of April of 2012, restoration work was started . Restoration of the walls , under the sponsorship of the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir and the Aegean University scientific expedition was carried out under the control . Culture and Tourism Ministry and the Business-Setup has contributed financial support to the study . If Foca Municipality gave logistical support . Surrounding the peninsula for hundreds of years in a dilapidated state , but standing up again by removing the walls of the town of Foca district has provided a major contribution to the tourism potential . Foca Castle Restoration of Urban Walls , Foca Cord Road Project implementation will be completed . In this project, 16 bridges as it was in ancient times the sea come up to the walls .
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of Foca in accordance with the protocol signed with the Presidency of the excavation ; The support given to the excavation of ancient district of the city of Phocaea important historical places in the world to make one of the targets. Municipality excavations in 2012 and 2013 by 75 thousand per month in support transmitted , since the year 2014 has been increased to TL 85 thousand per month . Excavation and restoration work of the Faculty of Ege University Faculty Professor , Department of Archaeology Dr. Omar Özyigit team led conducts.
city's oldest settlers, Phokaia'lı the Temple of Athena on the peninsula, about 8 miles . turned in length with walls . Analysis study on the city walls at the end of the period , Byzantine, Genoese and Ottoman periods factors emerged . Less protected Byzantine walls belong to the 12th and 14th centuries it was understood that . Foca, in 1275 came under the control of the Genoese family of Zaccaria . Genoese administration, Foca in 1455 by the Turks lasted until used . Extant in the restoration and reconstruction of all wall surfaces were protected . Leaving the joint between the deep chiaroscuro were created. Thus, in a way not appear reliefs on the walls of stone were provided. Excavations of the ancient stones that were used in the restoration . Repair on the surface of the whole city walls were tumbled . Seen on the walls of the city on the whole period of the original mortar was analyzed and restoration close to the original spending , but stronger mortars were used. Soil mortar for the walls of Byzantine , Genoese Khorasan mortar was used for the period . In the Ottoman period, compared to restoration of the city walls of earth and lime mortar was used . The original height is unknown upper parts of the walls and towers , was left unfinished form . Wall made ​​to appear as a whole mAlArdA style of collaboration was completed . The new sections of the original section was separated by a red line . 6 cm for it together . thick red andesite stones were placed . Periods were separated by a black line . For this, again 6 cm. thick basalt stones were used .


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