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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 20:07

Foca Zeytindali Team'Introduces the earth market

Foca Zeytindali Team'Introduces the earth market
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Slow Food Foca Zeytindali team, who shared their experiences at the international conference held in Istanbul.

İzmir news: Slow Food Foca Zeytindali Convivium Leader Rose engage in a Slow Food project of Earth Market ( Earth Market) and the region share their impact on tourism to the participants with a detailed presentation . Rotterdam from
Netherlands Business School Erasmus University and Elgin \u0026 Co. Counselling; Turkey from the Bosphorus University and Adnan Menderes University, organized in collaboration with \"Cultural Heritage , Tourism and Hospitality International Conference-Heritage Tourism and Hospitality 2014'; From 6 to 8 November 2014 , was hosted by Boğaziçi University . Slow Food Foca Zeytindali Convivium Leader Rose engage in a Slow Food project of the Earth Market and the effects of tourism conveyed to the participants with a detailed presentation .
Of cultural heritage, the local planning and host basis as an integral element of the sustainable development of society the conference discussed the subject , Slow Food was mentioned active role. \"Tourism destination stakeholders , tourist attraction places in creation and presentation, how can they be successful in the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage assets ?\"questions ; Slow Food Earth Market and also sustainable tourism impacts, Foca Earth Market modeled , they answered .
The three-day conference ; practitioners , consultants , government agencies, officials, economy ministry officials , representatives of cultural institutions and foundations , regional and managers of urban management, economics and development agencies, investment and promotion agencies, marketing, international politics , public administration, international relations, academics in economics and diplomacy and researchers and was followed by extensive negotiations which media representatives for the development of cultural heritage. Photo FOCA WORLD MARKET WHAT? Photo International Slow Food Organization, Earth Market ( Earth Market) network, Turkey wherein the sole representative of Foca Earth market , 23-27 October in , held at the Salone del Gusto in Turin, Italy , held in the framework of Earth markets Competition was selected first in 39 markets. Slowfood Zeytindali Foca Foca is why they selected as created by the Earth Market Association; market is primarily a market that was busy woman manufacturers, workable model because it is easy to create a small-scale agricultural practices and natural and was announced as highlighting their intervals seed.

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