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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:22

Following the events in Van

Following the events in Van
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AK Party deputy Mustafa seer Van Van, unfortunately, in the event that there is concern in provocations , said:\"Our religious values ​​, moral values ​​of society , political party building was attacked .

Van news: The attacks on our values ​​; our unity , our solidarity is to mean the presence of the city . Fortunately, Van public snide these kinds of initiatives across the solemn act and not play , \"he said .
Description found in Mustafa seer , Goodwill located in the neighborhood Values ​​Quran Course for incineration and in the same way Van Science and Culture Foundation made and the ongoing construction of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Complex's fire administration was so ugly , he said. seer, \"in Bitlis Mosque setting fire elsewhere in the flag burning , Van Red Crescent blood collection vehicles to burn people's common areas, the schools There is no destruction of any explanation . Them to the unity of our country , to draw harm is required. Ongoing for nearly two years in our area of peace, stability and tranquility are required to be completed by some dark hands . Despite these painful days we live in the settlement process should be embraced more than ever . For approaching the goal of the solution process is wanted to be sabotaged . Solutions begin a similar process certainly provocative actions and risks are taken into account . Hopefully at the end of the dark days of peace will emerge a stronger will . Syria , Iraq suffering should be an example to everyone . Stronger sense of living together between 77 million and that all cuts should be made ​​responsibly politics . Segments of society to live together with tolerance of each other's religion , language , and values ​​should respect the idea , \"he said .

Following the events in Van" comments for.


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