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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 10:37

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Eker:

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Eker:
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Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker , Turkey in Food and Drink Industry Associations Federation President Shams kopuz and the accompanying delegation adoption , created in the food industry against informatics pollution , said the need to make efforts to inform the public correctly .

Ankara news: During the visit, Agricultural Research Ministry Federation and Policies signed a protocol for the information and technology sharing between DG . Photo Eker, Turkey Food and Drink Industry Associations Federation ( TGDF ) Chairman of Shams kopuz and the adoption accompanying member association presidents , Turkey food he said the sector they represent a large portion of the millions of people that produce the food and drink. Food underlines that economic activity in the agricultural sector is also in Eker, therefore, supply, demand , competition, the development of such innovation to provide national and international harmony , he said should be resolved . Food we live in geography in historical is a brand and Minister stating that the sector field strength is permanent and continuous , so he said, should think long-term .
FOOD TERROR HAVE CALLED COMMUNITY INJUSTICE DONE Photo the food sector Minister stated that a paramount commercial value , said damage to the industry's informatics pollution. Photo Thread specialist non-personal purpose with the media through false information , giving citizens the Minister underlined that make troubled by what he ate it-inside , wrong operating in the sector he said that they should make their voices heard about telling the public known and facts. Photo incorrect rumors and Minister stating created that harm the food industry of misperception was my case as follows:\"modern society lives as modern individuals increasingly small families . Information source or media or information they need from the people around . how accurate the individual elements we put into them so we will have the enforce in a healthy way . Healthy eating important to us. Already our legislation , we work in our codex . We are already working with industry. Therefore, we do not allow the food to participate in the content of an element that could harm public health. We plan that the sector together. To enforce on society , in terms of the elimination of a number of negative effects also need to be informed of the measures taken . The food there is a terrorist , as is being done injustice to society. \"Photo FOOD SECTOR COOPERATION WITH THE MINISTRY Photo TGDF thanking President Shams said kopuz Eker, Minister for accepting themselves:\"The food industry is growing , is under development. Stakeholders . Meat are like nails. The sector's growth of your very great labor and bureaucrats. We always had a synergy has always been our dialogue. You do legislation based on the food. You make reforms. President of the European Confederation of the Food and Beverage Association , Turkey from us in the future , the ministry said labeling applications in the food industry and you are going ahead of us . We carry Sustainability how further we came them to talk. \"At the end of the interview where the several
Ministry bureaucrats Agricultural Research and Policy General Directorate ( GDAR) with the TGDF was signed between the mutual agreement and cooperation agreement aimed at knowledge and technology sharing. Photo TAGEM General Manager innocent TGDF President Burak Shams signed by kopuz protocol agricultural R \u0026 D activities, information resulting from , varieties, species , new products, processes and transferring technology to the food industry and predicts the sector the sharing of efforts to benefit from this output. and not included in the co-operation of the Protocol university under the legislation involves the use of common infrastructure facilities .


Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Eker:" comments for.


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