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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 18:11

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker:

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Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker,"30 years of continuing issue of terrorism and its complications, due to the problems that led to his 18 million small ruminants only be conducted through in 15 provinces, only 8 million animals can be fed.

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker,"for 30 years, the ongoing issue of terrorism and its complications, its caused due to problems not only in 15 provinces 18 million small animals can be conducted only 8 million animals able to feed. Solution together with the process we these resources might be used again become We're coming,"he said.
Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker, Artillery, the"Herd Management Element My"training certificate attended the ceremony.
City Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department, TEO and TZOB (Turkey Chambers of Agriculture Union) organized in collaboration with the ceremony speech, the Minister Mehdi Eker,"Anatolia have a saying, 'wheat put up with the rest of the game as'. these our our geography and our culture is best expressed as one word. humans in which geography is experiencing it the product of geography are supplied. Anatolian geography, Central Anatolia , Central Anatolia and Southeast Anatolia regions over the years from 300 to 400 millimeters of precipitation is. 400 millimeters of rainfall when there is only mouth structure according to the weed will sprout. If we this truth we forget and turn our backs we then ourselves away from are. reported geography of the products we are doomed. us to cereals to take charge of and streamline our sheep and goats come out with her need to develop,"he said.
herd only cloaks wearing shin stealing consists indicating whether the Minister will, as of 1940 Turkey's sheep and goats his back, adding that he continued:
"for goats also dedicated these forests is the enemy. sheep to herd livestock abandoned. world's most ancient profession, which is one herd management increasingly moved away a line of business has evolved. humans manufacturer when the city came to a consumer has been. Republic on the first of sheep and goats to support what we brought., 2006 the first time in history of the republic in the sheep farming, goat farming to support started. Ahead there is no, it was not. Everybody turned his back. in 2002 to 31 million had fallen in Turkey, sheep and goat. Quickly Runs down . we support it gets covered down after landing stopped. then began to rise and is currently 36 million reached. A further point to be moved to the better management will be possible with."
sheep and goats on pasture cheap fed noted Eker, Turkey ' of natural assets, 41 percent of the East and Southeast Anatolia in 15 provinces is transferring, he continued:
"for 30 years, the ongoing issue of terrorism and its complications, it caused problems because only one in 15 provinces 18 million small ruminants conducted through only 8 million animals able to feed. Plateau bans, security issues and other similar villages to escape and village evacuations. Solution together with the process we these resources might be used again're being. Both tear nah, both cookers does not go off, both unity and togetherness's built our country peace and security is coming."
every registered sheep and goats every year for 20 pounds paid said they will,"Sheep and goat milk to other milk given to we four times per liter more support we give. flesh and processing of milk to be made regarding which facilities for more than 50 percent grants are giving. 800 thousand pounds of investment amounting to 50 percent of the grants we give. these projects in our training for 15 days in 120 hours, approximately 80 hours theoretical training and 40 hours the practice is education. Polatlı, Sivas, kırşehir and Igdır pilot provinces chose. these projects it will remain. because all 81 provinces this project 10 thousand people have requested. 25 people completed training and certifications will,"he said.
Eker, 'Herd Management' program targets they aim If summed up:
"planned in a way that lots of managers to provide training, Turkey's raising of sheep and goat enterprise in developing equipped, high level of education, needs all can meet, but those people in reality and social consciousness unto, a profession to ensure that it both their work more productive, more meaningful can execute a hardware them Obviating. we husbandry of bygone eras is not in any as well as high levels are important. we government came to Turkey as we all agricultural support all only 4 percent of the livestock was giving. So 100 pounds government agricultural supports, it 4 pounds of the animal was giving. return, only in 2002, 83 million TL. in 2013 to Turkish farmers that we cash a grant support 9 billion TL and its 2.5 billion of the livestock have given."
Eker, end of program As a result of herd management training certificate awarded certificates to 25 trainees were presented, and then wore the cloaks.

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker:" comments for.


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