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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 19:02

For Apollon Limassol Cyprus League More Important

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Coach Christakis Christoforou Apollon Limassol, Cyprus league than the UEFA Champions League önemsediklerini said.

Coach Christakis Christoforou Apollon Limassol, Cyprus league than the UEFA Champions League önemsediklerini said.
Apollon Limassol Coach Christakis Christoforou, tomorrow evening at Hüseyin Avni Aker Stadium before the match Trabzonspor will play the team captain held a press conference together with Georgos Markis.
Coach Christakis Christoforou, Europe to league experience with the aim start, said:"coming our goal this league to join. course us to do so of their league and both of us need to promote. both arms to fight so not easy. tomorrow for us a very nice opportunities tactics with young players will land, gain experience. Group requirements of our leaders should be a good football playing against a team tomorrow, we will fight. extremely hot grandstanding going to play against. it will not be easy you know. belief that our high level'll keep. Results is what happens when you get the team's efficiency for me very important,"he said.
Christoforou, members of the press"You said you'd go out with young players. Champions League is over for you?"To the question,"These rules are taken, our business would be difficult knew. Everybody event perspective is different, of course. their internal field play in our match we evaluate for lack now it is difficult aware that we have come to.coming years re Europa League to participate in front of us target put. every two arms Considered for us now Cyprus League veal important,"he replied.
Team captain Georgos Markis the Trabzonspor such a strong team play against and added,"technical director of field tomorrow to drive will determine the names of the hand from the best think I will do. jersey to wear for the players tomorrow better will be an experience. Hopefully a very nice game happens and match the audience watch the games they take pleasure in,"he said.
the press conference after the Apollo Limasslo team, the match will be played Hüseyin Avni Aker Stadium, 15 minutes open to the press as the training conducted. In the study of Apollo Limassoll players jogging and warm up and then realized it was learned that a study of tactics.

For Apollon Limassol Cyprus League More Important" comments for.


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