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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 17:10

Forbidden Love in Bakers Alleged Murder

Forbidden Love in Bakers Alleged Murder
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Oven workers in the district of Zonguldak Eregli suspects killed by kurşunlayan was sent to prison .

Zonguldak news: Oven workers in the district of Zonguldak Eregli suspects killed by kurşunlayan was sent to prison . The suspect in the victim's statements in the prosecutor's office for almost a year was having an affair with her mother claimed.
Kdz. Ereğli township event , in the village of Çaylıoğl occurred at about 01:30 hours the previous night . Hedo E. (34), the baker discuss Mehmet Özdemir (42) was shot to death. E. Hedo brought to court , the prosecution told the details of the murder in his testimony . Mehmet Ozdemir mother. Hee (60 ) , claiming that they had an affair Hedo E., about a year ago for the first time they had seen in a mountainous area , followed later suggested that the continuous . Mothers who are registered on its own outside telephone line registered in the name of Mehmet Özdemir have another phone line , and he suspects assert that opinion over the line , as detailed in the murder happened the day the prosecutor said. Suspects on the night of the murder in front of Mehmet Özdemir faced with their own carpentry workshop and look right at home when they sit Özdemir , \"What are you looking at ?\"asked that the fight starts when you get the opposite answer , he said. During the fight, claiming that fall to the ground and injured Hedo E., E.'s fight then , including his brother Adam , he also sparked by licensed gun accidentally shot his brother said. Event drink in pubs in the village that night and kill the influence of alcohol and Mehmet Özdemir stated that Hedo E., regretted that due to the incident , he said. Expressions Upon receipt of the court guards shipped Hedo E. arrest warrant has been released.
the sound of explosions caused panic was
Meanwhile, the court at the output of a nearby region successive sound of explosions It was not cause panic . Gendarmerie teams put us in front of the courthouse removes suspect vehicle running , the sound of an explosion caused by fireworks thrown learned. Who scored the fireworks were found. Suspect Hedo E., accompanied by gendarmes in the Beycu my M Type Closed Prison were sent to .
Murder suspect Hedo E.'s lawyer Ahmet Kose, his client had committed the crime agreed stating that event-related prosecution and gendarme meticulous work , opting indictment of everything would occur . Journalists answered questions Corner, \"My client had committed the crime agreed. Itself a crime that leads to drive on certain statements he gave . Prosecution now they also examines. Study after the completion of the indictment prepared the case of the first phase will be completed . Elim was an accident. Finally, on the opposite side a man died. these people have children. them, not to offend need . My client's certain there are allegations . himself in this crime to commit push some claims were found . Prosecution them also to examine and investigate . these claims just driven the reason would be . crimes were committed. Already confession there . My client that day, some alcohol was . O alcohol also have implications . incident happened mutual some fighting, scuffling and tehditvari as some things were said. event live seeing some witnesses there . client's brother there who saw it . he also injured in the incident anyway. event saw son of the owner of the furnace is running late , \"he said . Suspect in the testimony of the events regret is said about the Kose, his client's alcohol without committing the crime that declared voiced .
Murder, cause of murder due to the processing of claims that on the question of Kose made ​​the following statement was:
\"about her client's claim to have . Prosecutorial it is investigating , but it now directly telling the counterparty , the deceased person's children also annoyed that I need to . prosecutor's this anyway to reveal . Telephone interviews talked about the client. these tangible evidence . too easily prosecutors reach of evidence . yes , yes. O on the situation of my client claims there . defensively this goes , but this defense is undergoing as it is late or not saying it is not does not mean that . Prosecutor's this versatile is investigating . \"
Killed baker's son from the vengeance < br/> killed Massoud baker's son Mehmet Özdemir Özdemir, the social networking site Facebook photos taken with his father and take revenge issued a message stating . Mesut Ozdemir message event in honor of the issues result from the alleged reacted , \"It's timeless went dear father . Tomorrow together university record would go to behold ? Daddy and shot both themselves to launder slandered . My father cheap was not a human . Everybody knows , everybody knows . above all , God knows . mom's , sister's neck twisting did you or nest destroyed our did you or from three to nine swear my father's blood on the floor will remain. sleep in peace daddy , space heaven you get \"he said .
Kdz. On the night of September 2, 2014 in Ereğli faced carpenter's shop in front of the employees in the oven with Hedo E. Mehmet Özdemir discussion soon turned into a fight . Hedo E. licensed weapons during the fight with the killing of Mehmet Özdemir baker , brother Adam E.'Y also wounded in the foot . Suspect Hedo E. after the incident to the gendarmerie station gradually succumbing deceased Mehmet Özdemir's body the autopsy of Ankara Forensic Medicine Institute has been sent.
Özdemir, today Çaylıoğl in the village after noon prayers the funeral prayer after the land was given .

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