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  • 17 Eylül 2013, Salı 10:02

Forbidden stood! Countries that use the Facebook and Twitter

Forbidden stood! Countries that use the Facebook and Twitter
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In 2009, the 'Green Revolution' re-opened during the blocked access to Twitter and Facebook.

Iran in 2009, the"Green Revolution"that are blocked during the Twitter and Facebook to access re-opened. An official statement on the subject, but it is not yet part of the recent wave of liberalization that is effective in the country that are being expressed.

in many parts of the country, using different service providers Iranians are able to provide access to social media. Many users have shared messages about the situation created by the surprise.

yet made an official statement on the subject of the event also claimed to be a technical glitch. However, a strong possibility seems to have been granted access permissions. Since last year, because Iran is experiencing a social media initiative.

religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram uses.

newly elected President Hasan Spiritual, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad elegant actively using Twitter on the names. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish festival of spiritual celebration recently on twitter and U.S. politician Nancy Pelosi's daughter enters the spoken dialogue, too. Before the President of the ban on internet"futile"and called.

Finally, given all the cabinet directive trenches Facebook account.

access to social media on paper, is prohibited in Iran understands the many technologies able to provide access to social media users via VPN.

Forbidden stood! Countries that use the Facebook and Twitter" comments for.


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