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  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 07:58

Ford also threw in the towel after Opel

Ford also threw in the towel after Opel
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Belgium, which lasted several days of anxious suspense ended in sadness and disappointment, however.

Renault and Opel from the American auto maker Ford , Belgium decided to stop the production in. Turks, including the closure of the factory in a large number of unemployed people is going to be left for about 10 thousand workers.

Impact of the economic crisis in Europe, a 19 percent decline in sales, having noted the Ford officials concerned compensate for loss of announced that the plant will close in Genk, Belgium for. 4 thousand 500 Ford employee for days, waiting for news with concern, Ford executives Flemish Prime Minister Kris Peeters'le came after the meeting. In conjunction with the factory workers engaged in the production sub-industry, which means 10 thousand people decide to remain on the street a great disappointment and sadness caused everyone. Ford plant in Genk announced that it has decided to close at the beginning of 2014. Ford's Genk plant in Europe, with 63 per cent capacity utilization rate could save $ 500 million a year by closing Factory is calculated. Guaranteed to work with the managers agreed that by 2020, Ford announced the Belgian authorities, the so-called world-famous auto manufacturers they accused durmamakla. While factory workers gathered in front of hundreds of factories across the news show, Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, Belgian citizens and for the economy of the plant closure was regarded as a drama.

Entered service in 1964 and 12 thousand workers worked an intermediate Ford Genk factory, was one of the driving forces for the economy of the region. Renault and Opel, as well as in previous years, the giant international companies such as DHL and Phillips decided to stop its activities in Belgium.


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