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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:16

Forensics:\"Murat Nazaryan's Mental Balance Full\"

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Samatya Armenian origin killed in Maritsa Murat Nazaryan Small's alleged killer on trial in a case that came to court in the Forensic Medicine Institute report , the defendant's criminal responsibility was given to the view that full .

İstanbul news: Photo of 85-year-old little of Maritsa \"monstrous feeling and torment that killed shrinking \"aggravated life imprisonment for allegedly requested Murat Nazaryan the trial was continued . 2. Murat Nazaryan ready Istanbul arrested suspect was found at the hearing at the High Criminal Court , Maritsa's relatives and lawyer Eren Keskin Small were also present . At the hearing , by the Institute of Forensic Medicine 4th Specialized Agency, whether the defendant's criminal responsibility in the report prepared for the determination of the matter , the defendant Nazaryan's crime involved the view that full of criminal responsibility on said. Photo Small family lawyer Eren Keskin, Maritsa Small'in a similar incident killed an era that many people being beaten , because of being beaten one of which is expressed as 15 days Lovers Hello hospitalized , \"made ​​an investigation on Hello Lovers event. We think of the person who hurt Hello Lover might be involved in this event. We only we do not want the defendant to take the penalty , we want to uncover the truth , \"he said .
Demand for opinion asked the Public Prosecutor Hüseyin Aslan is Turfanda for Lovers event Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's being asked whether to turn on the investigation , the newspaper reports presented by the lawyers of the small family if the opening of adding event declared in favor of a decision to be made ​​in the relevant criminal complaint. photo Prosecutors Lion, the detail on the biological stains found materials wants to hold biological and genetic analysis in the case of the second person , except the defendants'stain made ​​the comparison of all available criminal laboratories in Turkey asked is found to be traced. court explaining the decision Search for
case , before the report submitted to the court , on a white cloth , Maritsa is compatible with Small 1 and 2 except for blood stains, more than at least one of the men in the No. 3 spot reminding people of be that way in the determination of the mixed DNA profile will , that he wanted them to be presented in the report again examined the DNA profile.
Court decided Turfanda regarding Lovers injury to a criminal complaint to the Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's Office .

Forensics:\"Murat Nazaryan's Mental Balance Full\"" comments for.


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