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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:13

Forgot User ID I was Chairman of the game was Kocasakal

Forgot User ID I was Chairman of the game was Kocasakal
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Head of the Istanbul Bar Association .

İstanbul news: Dr. Hope Kocasakal , after voting was excited when he forgot to take the identity of the table . President Assoc. Dr. Kocasakal be a major force in the Istanbul Bar Association , said:\"If I'm elected I would continue from where it left of the struggle for rights ,\"he said .
Istanbul Bar Association General Assembly election excitement continues at full speed . Starting at about 9:00 in the morning about 32 thousand lawyers in the voting process until 17.00 will carry the voting process . Served as President of the Bar Association for two terms in the General Assembly has re-nominated and management Assoc. Dr. Hope Kocasakal 10.00 hours in order to come to room number 18 in the game from the fund was used . Which seems to be quite pleasant and cheerful Assoc. Dr. Kocasakal identity ballot received after delivering . Everyone around him laugh with humorous approach Assoc. Dr. Kocasakal after the game used a compass to take . Then the envelope was at the polls . Assoc. Dr. Kocasakal showing intense interest of the citizens did not escape attention .
In a statement after the voting process , Dr. Hope Kocasakal , \"Istanbul Bar Association is very large it is difficult . Today at the point of Istanbul Bar Association , is no longer a bar to be far beyond that. Why? Because the law trampled the system, all the mechanisms have collapsed , the judiciary become dependent in an environment where the surviving biggest power bar associations , lawyers , and especially Istanbul Bar is . because of ethnicity , sect , belief and political opinion whatever , everyone's right is the assurance . during this period, the Istanbul Bar Association proved that. everywhere rights struggle was . everyone the right guard was . therefore as you can see this is a democracy are celebrations . colleague today decided things . Ben If this fight just I keep . , I'm not the other colleagues in every way helps in their service happens and elsewhere continue to fight would . Appreciation now the General Assembly UmUzUndUr \"he said.
Description following the Assoc. Dr. Kocasakal continued to chat with citizens . Will be allocated in full has forgotten the identity of the crate table were warned . Thereupon Assoc. Dr. Kocasakal , \"The president is going to forget the identity . So we're getting old ,\"he has left the fund .

Forgot User ID I was Chairman of the game was Kocasakal" comments for.


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