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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 16:14

Former Minister Ozdemir Minister Visits confidence

Former Minister Ozdemir Minister Visits confidence
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Eregli district of Konya, former Mayor and former State Minister Ali Talib Özdemir, Mayor Ozkan confidence in the authorities visited.

Konya news:
We visit the set for the Ereğli the old Eregli Mayor and former State Minister Ali Talib Özdemir, Mayor Ozkan confidence courtesy visit made ​​.
visit, satisfaction with the President expressed confidence , \"Your Excellency's name from our childhood remembered Ali Talib brand bilinear your . during that period we as young people idol UmUzdUnUz . Ereğli services at the point of all the mayors of our contributions have been made . But at that time your being young and practical projects you produce works is obvious. goal you by our and other Mayor by our services a step forward to take and is to move forward . Eregli from 36 cities big place. Vilayetlik in various periods have happened. arrived in this process the vicious cycle without the hindrance of the current situation with the Ereğli further how we can take at the point of our work we are carrying out . you the experience , insight and ideas to benefit from want . visit your honored. we Thank you very much , \"he said .
\"the Prophet of noodles . You are here as Omar's successor , \"said Talib Ali Özdemir ,\"God, this authority does not grant to anyone . I believe you will make a very nice service . No matter what political views irrespective of party . This is the opinion of Özal way , Mr. President About .'We will continue from where it was put Ozal , \"he says . I need to bring people together . Is your smiling face , your loving structure shows that this occurs . Ereğli worthy service , nice people , air conditioning, so the climate and geography of a country which is nice . Sabanci late when first started selling drinking water'Water of Life'id , name came out here . Supply was Eregli . Eregli drinking water from the tap is one of the rare places . This is one of the main arterial road first opened . Us,'What are you doing in this field,'they said. Now I'm looking at the empty space left . In the meantime, I want to thank one . Unal Aybar and his father's house here and had a great plot . \"Since I've been in the organization first , I'm out of here ,\"he said . Without asking for anything out of the house made ​​an impression on me . This way it opened. You'll do better . What do we do with Eregli to be made collectively . We will deliver to you our experience , we will activate our acquaintance . You'll take away your quotation here . Ereğli you with the services you have made and your Member of Parliament and as a Minister in Ankara, we want to see , \"he said .
\" THREE FIVE MONTHS would not expect great service \"
vicious Eregli of party strife'underlining a lot to lose , Özdemir said, \"would not expect great service in 3-5 months . No magic wand in the hands of anyone . Be patient , will provide full support and service, together we will produce , \"he Ereğli's brain power as a source there is a place and Izmir Karsiyaka Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar very great service to the undersigned believe , he said.
Özdemir, Eregli stressing also that there should be a brand value , \"Day 710 tons of milk processed cheese brand value that must be in Ereğli . Ezine Ezine is a small place , but when we go to the store you're getting cheese . Eregli we see that more than subcontracting . Ereğli need to add the brand value . This topic Konyalı a large formation , the Konsiad you in as a speaker invites and brand value in the opinion to share your look, \"he said .
Chairman confidence , Ozdemir Municipality during an official and the carpet itself was a gift. Özdemir various was separated from the municipality in order to visit .

Former Minister Ozdemir Minister Visits confidence" comments for.


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