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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 23:54

\"Fortunately Express\"three thousand people in Sivas Verdi Iftar Dinner

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Bayrampaşa Municipality of Istanbul on July 1 from Adapazarı way in organizing the'Abundance Express', today came to Sivas Iftar dinner at the train station was three thousand people .

Sivas news: Istanbul's Bayrampaşa Municipality in organizing on July 1 Adapazari off from'Abundance Express'today, Sivas came at the train station three thousand people Iftar dinner was .
In 2005'Brotherhood Knows No Bounds'slogan of the 9th years in the Balkan countries who evening meals Bayrampaşa Municipality , this year'Abundance Express'iftar dinners in the Anatolian city is building . On July 1, Adapazarı, resulting from the road of fertility Express', today at the train station three thousand people came to Sivas gave iftar dinner . Iftar dinner , Sivas Deputy Governor Salih Ayhan, Sivas Mayor Sami Aydın , Beşiktaş Deputy Mayor Mehmet Acar , Mufti Minister Shukri Balkans and the AK Party Provincial President Zia Falcons along with a large number of citizens. The program started with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by dinner in the Balkans by Mufti was praying . Program , with children's games and folk show continued. Then join the program protocol to members Bayrampaşa Deputy Mayor by Acer was given a plaque .
The program's opening speech, Acer in the Balkans, they have established our tables Anatolia and wish to integrate , said:\"More than 10 years in the Balkans go the way that we forget some things we again wanted to remind . hundred years ago aramıza limits had put . Brothers among our borders was adopted . these limits tanımayal am . these artificial our borders give up and our brotherhood again will be represented said. Balkans have set out , in 9 different Balkan countries iftar are doing. Sibling our get together . Ýstedik the Balkans also we set up a nice table of Anatolia to the bütünleştirel am . Anatolian our brothers and sisters this evening meals together in small talk. Ýstedik that Mr. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had launched a'national unity and brotherhood on the project get a little bit , soup, salt will be less , even if we wanted to , lets contribution . Now all of you for your participation in our iftar dinner this evening, thank you , \"he said .
Deputy Governor Ayhan ,\"Bayrampaşa Municipality , in the fertile soil fertility brought . Abundance due to the caravan , so I thank them from such an organization . I'm telling you ; Istanbul municipalities are doing all this beauty . Doing such activities in the remote areas of Anatolia . Of course, I think you should do . Giving life to Istanbul around here anyway. If there are 7 million of Sivas , Trabzon , the people of Erzurum , the erzincanlı , Bayburtlu , Istanbul gives life to the irrigation needs of these vessels . For this Bayrampaşa Municipality and all other municipalities doing these activities . I of these events brotherhood of our law for expansion , I hope huzurumuzu , our brotherhood times that I wish, \"he said.
Mayor Sami Aydın , said:\"Bayrampaşa Municipality us on your behalf , Sivas , on behalf of Anatolia behalf and on behalf of myself my gratitude . Eylesin liked our fast for Allah adoption . Another Ramadan in Sivas . Another Sivas , Anatolia another . It really is different every day with different activities Ramadan're having . \"
Train tomorrow's stop the Malatya will be . During Ramadan Anatolian cities , visiting 100 thousand people iftar dinners in which aims to bring Abundance train's last stop, the Balıkesir be learned. < Br/>

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