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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:48

Fortunately the victim with the Turkish Red Crescent will continue throughout the year

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Since 2007,'Victims Turkish Red Crescent Red Crescent successfully implementing the model , with tens of thousands of victims of attorney slaughterhouses in five segments domestically and abroad is performing in 11 different countries .

Ankara news: This year, as every year, the victim
abundance philanthropists who want to share with the needy , to mandate the victim Sector Campaign of the Year in 2014 showed great interest . Turkish Red Crescent charitable giving power of attorney for victims of domestic meat and dairy Institute of Yozgat , Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Bingöl and cutting pain in the slaughter began. Overseas proxy for the Red Crescent charitable giving victims of the Pakistan , Somalia, Ethiopia , Bangladesh, Palestine, Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina , Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria cut to the needy is transported .
Islamic and humanitarian conditions in accordance with attorney and notary in the presence of clergy started to cut the selection of the sacrificial were performed by veterinarians . With the Ministry of the victims read the names of the individual and the Red Crescent Model Rules for the purpose of this year is performing. This year \"The victims are in abundance year-long \"campaign started with the motto of the Turkish Red Crescent for the purpose of cutting the meat of the sacrifice made to make preserves . Process immediately after completion of the sacrifices preserved, the Turkish Red Crescent spread across the country through its branches to the needy throughout the year will be distributed.
Meanwhile, every Eid as in the Red Crescent officials, victims segments performed in areas where the Eid prayer with citizens were made. Celebrating the feast of the citizens of the mosque output Red Crescent officials have found delight in catering . Eid prayer after the Meat and Dairy Institute of Yozgat , Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Bingöl and pain in the slaughter carried out in part the victim of the supervision officer the proxy holders the names of the individual reading process of cutting closely will follow .
KIZILAY in She lay on three continents hand of Mercy
abundance victims of this year fighting hunger , flood and earthquake-affected countries in Africa and Asia with the Turkish Red Crescent in the Balkans, the victim is performing sector . Foreign sacrificed their address in the Balkans , Bulgaria , Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina , while in Africa was Ethiopia and Somalia . Turkish Red Crescent in previous periods that extend a helping hand from Asian countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh , as well as victims of the war in Iraq and the Palestinian victims of the proxy holders began to cut . Foreign cutting all of the Red Crescent officials under the supervision while performing the Islamic rules commitment to the observance , in hygienic conditions slaughtered victims to the needy will be distributed.
Draft made ​​sacrifices information about the proxy holders momentarily is given as . After reading the proxy holder's name and instantly cut the victims are given information by SMS . In addition, the victim is recorded on video cutting stage . This video contains the DVD , thank you certificate and proxy holders the victim prepared from a box of canned along with the proxy holders will be transferred to .
Victims preserved the Turkish Red Crescent spread across the country with more than 700 branches through the needy will be distributed.
Turkish Red Crescent relief work great support of its citizens victims mandate campaign showed great interest, stating that the Turkish Red Crescent President Ahmet Lutfi Akar , \"every year, growing more and more our campaign again this year in Turkey from all over and from abroad, the support rained . our people need the people who own the victims blessing to live proxy for the Turkish Red Crescent has . Benevolence our hand abroad this year to extend further and a total of 11 countries, in Turkey and in five slaughterhouses in the victims sector started to realize we have . All these charitable , faith of our people was due . campaign support to show all the benefactors Thank you on behalf of the needy , \"he said .

Fortunately the victim with the Turkish Red Crescent will continue throughout the year" comments for.


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