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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:59

Foundations Week Celebrated

Foundations Week Celebrated
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Foundations Week is a celebration ceremony was held in Malatya due .

Malatya news: Foundations Week is a celebration ceremony was held in Malatya due .
Regional Directorate of Foundations by the hotel at the meeting hall at the meeting speaking Foundations Regional Director Halil Taşkesen , \"Each year a different theme celebrated with the Foundation Week activities this year, \"Foundations and Economics with the theme \"is celebrated . Shar-i-sense foundations ; \"interest İbadullah belongs to the case be a same Allah's property in the provision , including assignment and temlük from the mahbus and happy is to make . \"So a property's profit , people allocation , ownership is stopped appropriating the property or the administration to be banned is . legal sense, If \"Something right of usufruct or ownership of the public interest is disposed . \"It's fine that is due , the Foundations General Directorate , the possession of our mites qualified namely , income from properties that we lease term , domestic and foreign ancestry heirloom historic structures charity qualified mosques , mosques, inns , caravanserais , by restoring such works available to the community , \"he said .
ceremony İnönü University Asst . Assoc. Dr. . Fahidi my Aydın, \"Foundations and economics titled\"gave a lecture .
Ceremony of Foundations, former Director Alisa was Akduman institutions with the labor Mehmet Ulutaş was awarded to .
Ceremony, Deputy Governor Abdullah Abit Öztoprak Battalgazi Governor Nobility Khan Yesilyurt Babahanoğl Governor of Nasim , Chairman Shaukat Mesob Sharp, Director of Foundations and foundation organizations Khalil Taşkesen representatives .

Foundations Week Celebrated" comments for.


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