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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 21:29

Fountain does not want Germiyan Quarry

Fountain does not want Germiyan Quarry
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Three times off the quarry in the fountain Germiyan neighborhood, residents react to an application for re-opening , \"We do not want a quarry in our house bottom ,\"said a Photo Fountain Niyazi Ersoy Son in Germiyan Quarter Construction Trade Industry Co. Ş.DU belongs to Erkoç crushed stone publicity meeting for the reopening of the plant , was held in the village Germiyan Coffeeshop.

İzmir news: Environment and meetings held under the supervision of officials from the Urban Development Ministry , the company officials, Germiyan residents and fountain Sustainable Living Platform , as well as members of the Fountain City , Culture and Tourism Ministry, Provincial Directorate of Public Health, Provincial Directorate of State Hydraulic Works 2 officials who attended the Regional Directorate also attended. Photo Germiyan Quarter of only a few hundred meters from the quarries in the region, both that trigger health problems in stating that cause property damage in houses and land people reacted to the hearth of the re-opening work . Since 1980, against the run crushing plant that recourse to legal remedies and the last one three months ago which resulted in litigation Germiyan reminded that all of the gaining facility is off of the stove closed 3 times by court order , has criticized the recourse to unfold once again. Made by
Company officials presentation ; side of the mountain where the facility will be made to the look and to reduce the impact on the region Germiyan'a was proposed studies will be made. The Germiyan residents; in the discourse for the opening of the facility that always told the same things , the area was first founded the said plant location will be moved only that the remote 50 meters of belirtti.taş cooker, that cause cracks in the walls of houses , olive land that negatively affect highlighted , \"We oppose the plant at the bottom of our Home \"was said . < br/> Fountain Sustainable Living Platform speaking on behalf of Attorney Scheherazade Coral , \"Ministry of Environment, said no demands opening of none of these basins in 4 units quarry crushing and screening plant . this area is not examined at allcapable of so much ,\"he said . Germiyan people of far Noting that won all the cases opened against the stove Coral , \"The operation of crushing plants can remain open only during the trial , by the way they work time is counting benefits , but give it effect and losses are becoming permanent ,\"he said . Photo Germiyan residents'complaints and objections over the meeting where there are frequent interruptions to the intervention made ​​by the company was not allowed to complete the desired presentation . Log on , show of hands to indicate their attitude towards the crushing facility was requested voting. Supervisor and everyone except the participants on behalf of the company'no'meeting of Use vote , complaints were submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism performs oral and moderated by the authorities in writing by those living in the neighborhood.


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