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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:48

Fraud Operation in Film

Fraud Operation in Film
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Reduce the network of telephone scammers Nigde , \"sniper there , we hit you if you do not put the bag ,\"he fear that the gold mother and son were rescued at the last moment by the police.

Niğde news: The incident was taken to a Syrian custody. According to information obtained Nigde Photo with 2 children living in the neighborhood of 48-year-old Angel Özdağ scams Ilkhanid calling from your home phone , he introduced himself as a policeman. Scams , Özdağ Angels , \"the pearl jewelry was robbed , I found your credentials. If you have them in your home jewelery give us ,\"he wanted the gold in the women's house. The suspect gave gold Nigde Intercity Bus Station to Angel Özdağ instructed to leave the side of a truck in front . Female, 16-year-old son Ibrahim Republic with 2 gold , 2 half gold , 19 gold quarter , we left the place a £ 400 Wedding Rings and putting a bag of money described in the bus station. Suspecting the case of 16-year-old Abraham, gave notice to the police by calling 155 . Meanwhile, the phone cheat-led Syrian citizen Mohammed F., fled into the bus terminal to the back , taking the gold . Photo Police teams, in his review of the bus station's security cameras started work on determining whether a person fled to the wooded area. Syrians after studies Mohammed F. arrested and detained , gold does not know Turkish unable learned where to hide. Photo Police teams, re-examining the bus station's security cameras , Muhammad F.'N gold reached by the images hide under a tree . Police teams by gold in his hiding place Angels Özdağ was delivered . Photo Angels Özdağ and son Ibrahim event reporters were told the following:
\"We have a house phone. They call the phone,'Pearl Jewellery peeled , your credentials thrown in there'they said.'Put the bag if you have ornamental objects or we will call home , we would be'they said.'bag it , go to the bus station. There's a truck , bag drop there ,'they said . first bag I'd put it there , on the phone ,'there snipers bag we hit if you do not put it . Can jeopardy'he told me.'you are being followed , your sniper entry, your ascent , where are following you are going , \"he said . I left the place he described the bag . then,'You walk go to the police department ,\"he said . I have to then state the difference but the work was already too late . God bless the cops , the father of my no children. he was their livelihood . I have accumulated increasing my fingernail of my teeth . \"To express a Photo mother and son Sungurbey police station being evacuated, the fraud alleged Syrian Mohammed F. statements to be taken he was taken to the police station. Photo investigation into the incident was launched.


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