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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 17:56

Free soup and tea in the market for animal

Free soup and tea in the market for animal
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Akşehir District Municipality of Konya , due to Eid al-Adha , one of the region's largest cattle market Akşehir Municipality Animal sellers and buyers in the market has launched a free soup and tea .

Konya news:
Akşehir Mayor Salih Akkaya, visited the cattle market . President chatted with buyers and sellers Akkaya, listened to their requests and demands on Sunday . Animals in the market , Akşehir artisans and sellers in the market by the Municipality of animals they sell and their animals for the purpose of weighing cattle and sheep as well as sections of the scales were put into service . Akşehir launched by the Municipality of free soup and tea while a great interest in the marketplace , with buyers and sellers in Akkaya, Chairman , drinking soup and chatted with them . The region's largest cattle market , one of the Akşehir Municipality Animal Market, the past year's activities now that the President Akkaya, \"Animals in our market buyers and sellers with our friends by talking to their needs've found . Akşehir Our municipality by the Eid al-Adha to mark the where the seller and buyer for our citizens free soup and tea on the house is done either . herein citizens in general market, we are satisfied that they say. we them such a beautiful way to serve quite delighted. Moreover, both sheep and the cattle section in our scales we also put into service. these scales for want of buyers and sellers our animals weigh can , \"he said .
Akşehir the District livestock Market infrastructure of modernity and functionality with an excellent market that the emphasis Akşehir Mayor Salih Akkaya, \"market in our market place mortar sheep in the first pounds , cattle in 2.5 liras . this price also quite modest costs. All of our sellers where they all go to the market , the market is the cheapest and beautiful Akşehir say that the Animal Market . In order to be of service in this way we have set our prices . Must pay, as well as all surrounding counties with our market and breadth of our infrastructure , our province , our Akşehir buyers and sellers are welcome to visit animal markets . I hereby dealer our fertile earnings, our buyers receive their victim's wish to be good , the whole of our people and the Islamic world already Eid al-Adha congratulate , \"he said .
Akşehir Regional Animal Market which sellers and buyers in the animal market services rather than stating that they are satisfied , being particularly suitable mortar prices , free tea and soup made ​​treats the non-widths and services in other markets Akşehir appealing to Animals said Sunday .


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