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  • 12 Eylül 2013, Perşembe 12:49

Free 'WhatsApp fall traps!

Free 'WhatsApp fall traps!
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Free WhatsApp messages please beware. Official announcement was made, the messages are unfounded.

Smart phones are the most commonly used communication program

WhatsApp free 'ta be shared '5 year free membership introduced, in order to send a friend 10 'unfounded messages out.

'10. WhatsApp anniversary,"he began the message, users are asked to send a friend a message 10. Case, the small box at the end of the message to make it green, will be available and free to use for 5 years WhatsApp'ı said. However, in recent days, the message WhatsApp users are often turned out to be unfounded.

WhatsApp'tan said in a statement on the subject was given the following statements:

"WhatsApp'tan is a rumor that the message you received did not come. Please disregard the message and do not send to others. and you can use any multiple messaging to communicate with users never send any messages with advertising purpose or forward to your friends. WhatsApp works as an annual subscription plan. The subscription includes all of the features, such as messaging and multimedia posting. Life-long subscription depends on the platform you are using. Sticky Thread WhatsApp, offers a free trial period of one year for all devices. When the trial period expires, the annual fee is $ 0.99. "What is intended is not yet known who spread false message.


WhatsApp 10 celebrating the Year. We thank our valued members for supporting us. If you pass this message Whatsapp friend's 10th five years will earn the right to use free whatsapp. Is not it plausible? You can browse web pages on the subject explain. After reaching the green box will be the 10th member to our www.whatsapp.comMesajınız whatsapp and you'll be in 5 years congratulations on winning free membership!


WhatsApp, SMS enables the exchange of money, without a cross-platform mobile messaging message application. WhatsApp, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Nokia can be used for. WhatsApp, was founded in 2009 ...


Free 'WhatsApp fall traps!" comments for.


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