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  • 14 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 15:49

Free Wi-Fi service to Istanbul 64

Free Wi-Fi service to Istanbul 64
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Bağcılar wireless internet service began at 64

encountered several examples of

free internet abroad Istanbul Development Agency with the support of one of the projects implemented in Bağcılar. was introduced in April last "3D Bagcilar Municipality Link Project"at the 64th district will be able to benefit from free wired and wireless internet service.

"Year 2012 Information for Non-Profit Organisations Based Economic Development Financial Assistance Program"is one of the finest free internet service projects, attended the opening ceremony, the Minister of Interior Bağcılar Muammer Güler was offered.

Turkey Guler that there were 30 million Internet users, the services of internet usage is safe to come down to the range of 8-10 years of age is showing attention to detail was remarkable.

Bagcılar Bagcilar District and is included as an associate at the Directorate of Education project has a budget of approximately 1.5 million pounds. 90% of the project covered by the Istanbul Development Agency , Bağcılar 64 at the 22 citizens of the neighborhood provides both wired and wireless internet access.

Bağcılar project open to the public areas, parks and streets are safe internet access. İhlas.Net areas within the coverage of the service provided by the citizens can take advantage of free internet service. The neighborhood is also mansions, houses and public institutions, such as data-intensive wired internet connection points can be accessed through kiosks.

Free Wi-Fi service to Istanbul 64" comments for.


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