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  • 25 Ekim 2013, Cuma 17:53

Free will serve as

Free will serve as
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Wikimedia, Wikipedia has launched a new project in order to reach their content offline

aimed at developing countries , and within the framework of this project bears the name of Zero Wikipedia Wikipedia users be able to access content via a free SMS.

Wikimedia aims to remove barriers to access to information this program. installed for the Internet to pay bills on the Internet information flows, and therefore non-persons deprived the organization aims to benefit from these services for free in this regard on Facebook of the project seem to have a similar purpose.

Wikipedia Zero

free SMS service will allow the scope of Wikipedia, Wikimedia Zero GSM it companies as a contractor to perform. Kenya will go into effect in the pilot area of ​​the project will be the first Sticky Thread. Wikipedia agreed with Airtel in this area, then this project aims to spread to other developing countries in Africa.

do not need to apply to take advantage of the program. Wikipedia people taking advantage of the free SMS service content enough to have a cell phone to reach the standard.

Wikipedia users to reach phones need to dial * 515 #. Then, in response to an SMS from Wikipedia, which is written in response to the information required to reach. Finally, the answer to the query sent to the phone as an SMS message.

Wikimedia this service will start as a pilot project in three months. During this time, the further development of services and the organization will work to close the gaps, the mobile phone can not afford the cost, but more users to access the Internet for free SMS service plans to expand.

Free will serve as" comments for.


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