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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 01:56

Freed, the Balkans appeal to students at the University of Etta

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Deputy Prime Minister spouse, stating that the collapse of the modern mentality , the need for a new world , he said.

Üsküp news:
Freed, who was invited to the International Balkan University students . Turkey and Macedonia in the Balkans peace and brotherhood, media replication , the two friendly countries, indicating that the Freed, \"a fast-changing world is experiencing. 1970s to the present day world and economics, and politics , as well as international relations is extremely important to the changes we have witnessed . Industry based on the old economic order, the oil crisis with began to change ., 1980 with the global economy on the one hand globalization the issue on the other hand high technology are extremely rapid development matter with a new phase input ., 1990 in the neo-liberal economy dominated by a new process was triggered. Thus the world economic structure completely change process entered into .
in the world until today a new international order could not escape . ahead of us for some time on the one hand changes the one hand, crises will live . this is actually a crisis of civilization , \"he said .
modern civilization, save to solve problems that can not be put in perspective Freed, \"in the 1990s in the Balkans and in the Caucasus simultaneously , there was a serious decomposition process . Then, Middle East, North Africa, and finally the period of crisis with Ukraine crisis lasted .
Ukraine crisis of the present world system showed that it loses its ability to solve problems . Power , who believed he was right if the world is run by a system . Ukraine, Syria and Palestine at the UN in matters can not make decisions . The world system has blocked about it . Does not solve problems . The world never have a period where'things'have . But the economic system, the issues incapable of resolving , \"he said .
Human beings in existence absence experienced a period that underlines Freed, said:
\"Man , another most recognized in the period together the many enemies that is undergoing . Human beings have the opportunity to communicate with each other the most in the period , another period of at least familiar lives. So the issue of financial difficulties , not political impossibility . The issue is that the mentality of the world collapsed . Three centuries of modern mentality prevailing in the world has collapsed . Therefore, we need a new world . I'm strong , I'll do what I want , not the form , I am in this world , I also have the power , but in the world of 7 billion people living there besides me , I think we need a better understanding . Subsequent processes , a new civilization on the perception of mental fatigue , our people put the center of human nibs as human beings who people each disposition equal sees a new approach is needed \".
New Turkey's great civilizations of the third race was the start of noted freed, Old Turkey , Turkey yönettiy into the country with an alga was closed . until recently in the Balkans , Skopje , Sarajevo , Mostar , Baku's whereabouts was unknown even .
Old Turkey , citizens Turkey around the steel with the boundaries had closed . States led the most difficult things change in mindset is . 12th annual AK Party government during the state's mindset has changed. cruel government , the oppressive state understanding Quran understanding of the state turned to . Turkey, is strong , if only lift him up to be , but also their civilization, geography, all elements of the infuriating , will mobilize . Recent Turkey, Andalusian , Seljuks and Ottomans after the great civilizations of the third track is the beginning , \"he said .
AK Party Istanbul deputy and the Balkan University Board of Trustees Chairman Huseyin Bürger de universities in 2006 beliterek is opened , \"Grandpa , this was our quilt-mattress geography little pay our debts as we enter such courses of study . God bless this culture of establishing a bridge , \"he said .

Freed, the Balkans appeal to students at the University of Etta" comments for.


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