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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 18 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:22

Freed:\"Buffer Zone may also military purposes , may be in civilian purposes \"

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan, who had accompanied spouse, journalists considered the creation of a buffer zone against Isidor related to the question , \"buffer zone could be for military purposes , may be civilian purposes ,\"he said .

Kabil news:
TOUR answering questions from journalists on the plane Freed, TIKA in Afghanistan successfully implemented many projects , he said . If you find time for the opening of their infrastructure and road work noted that the major contribution of TIKA Freed, many hospitals in Afghanistan and stated that the tomb was restored . TIKA's activities abroad in the acceleration of the parallel structures with tackling an interest, whether on the question of Freed, \"No, nothing to do . TIKA's efforts to strengthen Turkey's internationally growing reputation and power is about ,\"he said .
Syria the establishment is on the agenda buffer zone spoke about Freed, \"this issue is very confusion there . 3 concept there international law related to . them one of the'no-fly'zone , another'buffer zone .'buffer zone for military purposes may be civil purpose may be . these are our beyond our borders , which will be something . them to be or UN resolution has to be , or coalition of countries on this issue to make a decision , the approach must exist . these directly in Turkey will do nothing . a safe zone there . We have our own within our borders safe zone can create . about this already work is being done . What we want is a secure area can create . Both militarily in our security to strengthen and outside unavoidable , buffer zone at a place called unavoidable very high immigrant masses comes get them a safe, secure area . These three different things . Buffer zone and a safe zone concept differently , \"he said .
Security of the region and measures aimed at preparing considered noted that Freed, Turkey in the region of the events in the first degree is affected emphasized. Turkey's third day, 200 thousand , four years 1.5 million refugees accepted stated that the Freed, \"Turkey, the international system at the mercy leaving to ensure their safety in case ,\"he said . military service on the speaking Freed, this issue that there is demand , but the current conditions in doing so is difficult , he said .

Freed:\"Buffer Zone may also military purposes , may be in civilian purposes \"" comments for.


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