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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:19

Freed:\"Israeli Soldiers And Dirty Boots Masjid al-Aqsa with Spirit invades their lives Dar Meat \"

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In the Austrian capital of Vienna \"migration in Austria and 50th in Turkey in Austria ,''Deputy Prime Minister attended the conference spouse Israel criticized \"Israeli troops life invaded Al-Aqsa Mosque with dirty boots and spirit they narrow , \"he said .

Viyana news: Photo Session chairman of the Turkey-Austria Parliamentary Friendship Group Chairman AK Party Istanbul deputy and his conference Harun Karacan , Mehmet Hasan Göğüş Turkey's Ambassador to Vienna , Prof. Yunus Emre Institute Dr. Vital Might Devel and International President of Nightingale made ​​a welcome speech the Turkish presidency. Deputy Prime Minister Numan in his speech at Freed conference by emphasizing the Islamic hostility , \"Unfortunately, both in general as Western society in Austria and we are going through a where there are adverse developments in the world period. A team of Islam Unfortunately on one side false pretension , the blackened landscape , which consists of printing, which consists of cruelty, terror synonyms appear a serious understanding of Islam Islamic view of trying to put pressure on people. Isidor and so a number of image they set out hand put forth by the organization. on the other side , knowing this image opportunities , especially fueled the İslamafobya here in Western geography in a side made ​​up of dark focus of these images on the other side , especially in western society developments posed by the Islamic hostility unfortunately the whole world multicultural, living religious atmosphere where the Turkish Muslim community is creating negative impacts on communities like . in this sense, at the same time on the other hand körüklenirk hostility towards Islam on the one hand , especially continent Austria also receive a share of serious racism and fascism in Europe is growing dramatically. Here we see the emergence of this slogan in the election campaign.'An alien who does not tolerate much to see . Vienna will be the second in Istanbul on how the foreign and Turkish hostility fueled in this campaign under the slogan we have witnessed together. Therefore, on the other hand , we also develop our own culture and the pressures placed on our culture that refuses to be in the situation we are to reverse these pressures . Islam is a religion of peace and well-being . Produce unrest war between religious terrorism religious or people like that try to understand or shown by one of Islam is not a religion , \"he said .
Israeli soldiers Masjid-i Freed Referring to enter the Aqsa , \"Israeli troops yesterday in Palestine Al-Aqsa Mosque'did not allow people to make the Friday prayers . Unfortunately, 47 years after it was filthy boots and Israeli soldiers invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque with unclean spirit had narrow life. But it was a more difficult year 403 Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and all sovereign . There are Muslims , there are Christians , Jews there . There are over 30 ethnic structure of all denominations . There are Turks, there are Arabs, Circassians there . If what comes to your mind. No one ethnic strife . T starting from the bottom of Aleppo , down to the desert vilayetimizde our Jerusalem . 1 unit creed, religion no fight, no ethnic conflict. Nobody involved in the religious one , no one , why are you coming to Friday prayers, he does not close the door , no one close to the church. The prayers of the Jews read the Torah in the wall of the bell sounds cry Allahu akbar sound interfering with each other. Look eye drop , as no one made ​​the slightest thing will harass each other , live in the same way , \"he said .
Conference , the Vienna Islamic High School Kenan Ergun Migration and Education, Professor University of Vienna , Dr. Thomas A. Bauer Migration and Media , Austria Turkey Federation President Ali Can Migration and Culture, European Turkish Democrats Union of Austrian President Abdurrahman Karayazıl Migration and Social Life , Austria Muslim Youth Association members Dudu Küçükgöl Migration and Women/Youth , MUSIAD President of Austria Faruk Can Migration and Business World, Salzburg University faculty member Farid Hafez Immigration and Islam titled gave a presentation. the Deputy Prime Minister then
Conference spouse, bicultural artist Fatih Ozcelik prepared by Vielfalt the Archive from the documentation of the exhibition , the artist Betul Burnaz the recirculation Range is acrylic painting exhibition and product of the joint efforts of the Turkish organizations in Austria with 50 Year 50 visited the photo exhibition photo. photo program also TRT Music Group with the organization of the Yunus Emre Institute , Immigration themed works were performed.

Freed:\"Israeli Soldiers And Dirty Boots Masjid al-Aqsa with Spirit invades their lives Dar Meat \"" comments for.


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