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  • 11 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 12:07

French President Hollande's 'Secret Love'

French President Hollande's 'Secret Love'
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French magazine 'Closer', which is in a time rumors of President François Hollande, has viewed its relationship with actress Julia Pretty.

Paris news: French magazine 'Closer', which is in a time rumors of President François Hollande, has viewed its relationship with actress Julia Pretty.
"The President's Secret Love,"the title uses the magazine, the 7-page news, Hollande motorcycle helmet wearing 41-year-old lover Gayet published photos taken while entering the house. In the news, Hollande, is one of the most trusted protection uses Michelin motorcycle came to his apartment sits Pretty and often at night, allegedly met with the famous actress. Magazine, beginning helmet of the person Hollande, arguing that as proof before some official contacts wore shoes showing.
News rigid react 59-year-old French President François Hollande, the private life of an attack on what he described as for the news magazine would sue However that said the allegations did not deny.
Journal in the past year in the press many times as speculation from the agenda Hollande and Pretty relationship between,"Both crazy not to risk the enough to take a strong passion"as described.
News, the photos 30 taken in December, it said. According to the news, motorcycle Pretty Hollande half an hour before coming to the house, a guard checking the apartment. Hollande after spending the night here in the morning croissants brings protection to the apartment. Three hours later, Hollande came with the helmet at the beginning again as it is leaving the apartment. A short time later the door Pretty involved.
Four children of the mother, Segolene Royal, in 2007, separated and at the Elysee Palace journalist Valerie Trierweiler living with Hollande, a news agency said that every citizen, such as privacy of the right saying that, legal action against the magazine said.
pictures comes Meanwhile, the magazine's web page, removed as a result of the intervention of the famous actress's lawyer said. Magazine editor Laurence pieace also confirmed the news by actress through his lawyer requested after finding the photos on the website are lifting voiced.
Pieace, the Pretty sit in his apartment Elysee Palace, close to the areas in which you said, in photos helmeted person Hollande said,"This information is convinced of the truth if we werent news with photographs by posting take risks we would not"comment found.
pieace, the"Already in this direction, there were rumors. We also confirm this information photographed after the news to publish this did not. it among the people so much no one knew, laugh who live a claim was spoken. Our mission truth the masses to be heard by providing,"he said.
Meanwhile, news, high unemployment rates and general economic difficulties of living in France, Hollande support that could adversely affect said.
a survey conducted across the country on Thursday, only 25 percent of respondents revealed that Hollande confidence. If it is confirmed the alleged relationship, Hollande will be faced with much more serious problems are being expressed.

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