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  • 29 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 15:54

French President Hollande to Bursa Brown Sugar fainted

French President Hollande to Bursa Brown Sugar fainted
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French President Hollande, in Paris Sial International Fair of Bursa tasted chestnuts .

Bursa news: French President Hollande, in Paris Sial International Fair of Bursa tasted chestnuts . Photo Chestnut manufacture of sugar , one of the major brands of Bursa Snowdrops , products developed for the Cardelion abroad was showcased at the Paris Sial Fair. Previously fair held in Dubai in the United States and the presentation made ​​Cardelion , Bursa browsing firm stand of French President Francois Hollande also enjoyed a lot . Since 2008, Snowdrops in Bursa Chestnut Candy Candy İlkar name engaged in manufacturing firms , overseas to create new products that expand into overseas markets is doing to promote the fair . Company owner believer Akgun, held between 19-23 October and said it was a good opportunity for them this year, the 50th year anniversary of Paris Sial fair. Indicating Photo of Snowdrop chestnuts they put on the market in Turkey market recognized that and become a brand Akgun , Chestnut production in the world market have expressed their desire to have their say . In line with this objective Cardelio abroad under the name of the products they offer to the market develops Akgun said they were touched before they introduce the brand in the United States held in the Fancy Food Show and Gulfood exhibition in Dubai . Cardelion the main target market for them stating that they want to promote European company with the believers Akgun, \"Our customers from domestic particular have expressed love this brand and presentation. We thought we could keep Cardelion In easier mind. In fact, the Paris Exhibition'n in our product much like the European customers, they showed great interest in our stand , \"he said . Photo 6 İlkar explaining that thousands of the company's participation in the actual Paris Fair 180 thousand people visited the sweets company with the believers Akgun, stands by French President Francois Hollande that visited and the new products they make enough refreshments during the brief conversation he said very much. Akgun, President Hollande , that there are differences between French and Turkish chestnuts and chestnut chestnuts in Turkey's natural flavor is more pronounced voiced , he said . Akgun, international platform in Bursa and Turkey, high value-added product that chestnut and large investments made ​​in front of what they represent in the best way with the Cardelio they see as a clear brand while emphasizing French President Francois Hollande by the praise and appreciation of seeing themselves proud that promises to added. Photo

French President Hollande to Bursa Brown Sugar fainted" comments for.


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