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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:53

Fresh blood from Officer Candidate

Fresh blood from Officer Candidate
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Millions of people across Turkey in an effort to be officers, officer candidates in Bursa project by signing a sample of blood donated to the Red Crescent.

Bursa news: Millions of people across Turkey in an effort to be officers, officer candidates in Bursa project by signing a sample of blood donated to the Red Crescent.
students in Bursa Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) prepares Needs Scholarship Academy, has signed an exemplary project. With two thousand students studying at the academy officer candidates lined up to give blood to the Red Crescent. Academy for the purpose of participation is higher and the blood that was an interesting campaign tablet computer was a gift to the students. In Turkey, thousands of patients need blood is reminiscent of the Academy Needs Scholarship Manager Murat Soyer, the project should be an example to other organizations, he said. Officer candidates more give blood to ensure that students tablet computer as a gift that expresses Soyer,"the Ministry of Health about blood donation made in an advertisement impressed and we donate blood Let's pay said. These our minds of our students have shared and students are supporting us said they would. Kızılay becoming blood donors wishing to say that we and our request agreed,"he said.
in recent years of blood donation reduced attention Soyer, doctors on the information provided by the Turkey in front of the now donate blood marrow donation, he said. In Turkey, the most abundant RH positive blood, even that can not be degrees who come to Soyer,"Student profile to the very young, and we evaluate this potential we wanted. Our goal is 400 students donated blood presence. We did this become more colorful brought and blood giving our students the tablet computer going to give. Our goal more of our citizens from donating blood. Blood is a constant need and our one day the blood of our needs should not forget that,"he said.
will be held at the Academy students who donate blood while queued to give blood. In unison"Donating blood saves lives,"said the officer candidates, given to them by the Red Crescent have completed the blood donation. Health persona of the blood of those who will give you first measure blood pressure and blood values ​​measured students. Some students who do not know the blood group blood group while learning in this way, while others needed to give blood was learned that carry blood values. Lying on a stretcher to give blood was observed that some students are excited, some citizens were afraid to give blood, but despite this, they prefer to give blood, he said. Cigdem Sahin said that giving blood for the first time in his life, noting that human life is very important for the citizens do not need blood, he said. Blood donation is also beneficial for human health Hawk pointed out, is misplaced fear in people about blood donation, he recalled.

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