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  • 01 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 13:22

Frightening Truth:Substance Use 9 Living Down

Frightening Truth:Substance Use 9 Living Down
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Mersin University (MEI), Professor at the Faculty.

Mersin news: Mersin University (MEI), Professor at the Faculty. Dr.. Fevziye Taurus, initiation of drug use in Turkey has fallen to 9 years of age and increased rapidly, noting that parents observe their children's mental and physiological state warned.
MEI Faculty of Medicine, Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Professor at the Faculty of Medicine Department. Dr.. Fevziye Taurus, about the causes of substance use in children UAV made a statement to reporters. In recent years in Turkey at an early age substance use very often begin to see and they are now starting age 9 to 10 until the fall stated that the Taurus, observed the biggest one of the reasons, no longer spiritually age of puberty 9-10 falling and at an earlier age the start of family break, there are efforts to prepare themselves to society as an individual, he said. Children, yet spiritually immature because it already risks involved in the group pointed out that the Taurus,"Family in the lack of communication, lack of confidence with their peers, experience communication problems, physical appearance, the negativity because exclusion, school failure, oppressive or too unsupervised parental attitudes, attention deficit, hyperactivity , depression, social phobia, physical-emotional-sexual abuse is a lot like the risk factor associated with children this early break psychologically early adolescence entry substance use most notably a number of risks increases,"he said.
technological age plus the experienced that, but children now everything is much more readily available and easily accessed attention they Toros,"Today, everything very easily which may have a child and adolescent stress or in life a number of problems to struggle with forces too much is not improved. We, as parents many opportunities not only offer, everything we offer. therefore a smallish stress Wait to, defer to, to struggle instead of immediately find a solution enters guys. developing technology with communication within the family also is no longer enough. This is the case especially for their friends the effect is much more going on. Availability is already too much , no longer exists everywhere, unfortunately, 3-5 pounds find everything you can. therefore such material is used widely. recent years 9-10 years as it really is very often we can see, but families usually after 2-3 years are realizing,"he said.

"CHILDREN 'no' to need to teach"
high school age youth in substance use increased much more pronounced than that, the massive increase in the 15 years and older seen voicing Taurus ,"A matter how early you encounter risk for using both physiological and psychological, is more frequent. I end up, though, but to see it is no longer possible, unfortunately. Here is an important reason for children and young people say 'no' to my rights to consider whether the. children absolutely 'no' to need to teach. If you are a younger colleagues say 'no' is not submissive, a structure if the risk increases a little bit,"he said.
Turkey on drug use in the age of onset of the fall researching a lot of work is the transfer of Taurus,"4-5 per cent said There is work for alcohol, an experiment if 20 per cent in saying that there is work. But 4-5 percent at a high rate. course, this first survey as do you, the child always say it can. Probably these rates than were found is a little higher I'm guessing. Despite this rise in recent years shows, not yet rise quickly indeed. these bio-psycho-social problem, all in one. Thus, not only with physicians not. States also this very serious aspect has to take,"he said.

Taurus who make recommendations to the parents, children provide the correct contact or sharing has underlined that the most important thing. Taurus, the child's family a good communication if, true, mistakes learned or if the problem is the parents no matter what you can tell from them, they could get help, direct criticism whether or lying thought to know not if the self-confidence in terms of well-educated is a child using substances minimize the risk that said.
Prof. Taurus, children of substance abuse symptoms were listed as follows :"D apps in case rapid changes, sudden outbursts of anger, revulsion or guilt increase in lying, family, money stealing, insomnia, eye redness, change in appetite, truancy, lecture notes, falling against the defiant in the massive increases, parents can not provide some items to have, extravagant clothing and self-care."
of the parents, the child such a difference when you feel 'wonder' I suspect benefits in stating that Taurus also different between goods tablets, powders, syringes and mysterious material, such as the presence of friends is also very important that there be felt, he said. Taurus girls from them a lot older teenage flirting with the very great risk that drew attention.
Awareness and early support of the quest is very important record, Toros continued :"M add uses percent of children between 70 and 75 for use in before the start of depression, lack of confidence, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, mental disorders such as at least one happening already. This is a very high rate. Such a child sooner support if obviously better receive the response. matter how late regardless coping strategy developed, the parents of the current break more obvious, substance physiological and psychological dependency maybe there will be more. So the risk becomes much more. For that reason, be there early especially important."

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