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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:21

From Ankara, Turkey's Best Honey

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Muğla Beekeepers Association , International 4 Çambal and Honey Contest held in addition to the 20th International Congress Apislavi .

Ankara news: Photo prize winners of the four categories assessed honey from 8 countries participated in the competition with 140 beekeepers were announced. Turkey's most beautiful flowers in honey ranking in the competition , while honey second prize produced Beekeeping who Metin Cetin Ayas aldı.yarış overall winner of Bozcaada'l Honey producers was Üzeyir Khan. Photo in Ankara Beekeepers Association was not the congress in Turkey's most beautiful 2. Text producing honey crunch, most intense participation in the contest , stating that the flower honey section ,''Our honey flower honey we also competed in the class. Categories , comb honey , honey , honey and monofluoride ( chestnut honey, acacia honey , citrus honey such as honey weighted single flower ) , multiflora honey was new mixed flower honey . We received the second prize we proved to be one of the best honey Ankara fish''he said .
BEST HONEY HOW ELECTED ? President of the Photo 10 expert team of Professor Mustafa Işıloğl , honey of the first appearance, taste, aroma , texture, density and color , he said after the performance of the criteria of this test is sent to the analysis of the honey . Photo Işıloğl explaining that they be happy to see that comply with the interim the minimum criteria of the Ministry of honey in this criterion ; \"We have been very difficult to determine the top three . They were all in high quality honey ,\"he said .

From Ankara, Turkey's Best Honey" comments for.


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