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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:36

From Bakırhan Plan Explained

From Bakırhan Plan Explained
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Municipal Co-Chairman Tuncer Bakırhan Siirt , Siirt Municipality Assembly in his speech at the opening of the meeting in May , the legal rights without development , no one said they would not compromise .

Siirt news: Siirt Municipality Co-Chairman Tuncer Bakırhan , Siirt Municipal Assembly in May, meeting at the opening of his speech , zoning the legal rights without anybody would not compromise , he said.
Co-Chair Belka Beştaş Epözademir also attended the meeting, speaking Bakırhan a monthly tasks in the process units meet with staff and learn about the current status of the unit , he said. Siirt , indicating that the current problems in a short time Bakırhan foundations , especially the reconstruction is focused on the most important issues expressed. Bakırhan , \"Siirt Municipality within the purchases of affairs Siirt trades obligation not want you to . You occasionally cliffs are absent in Siirt needed materials providing services edilebiliniy , if all purchases Siirt trades to be made out . Reconstruction about our policy is clear . Legal rights is what it is . This sense of no councilor friend's zoning in one tool not. no friend of ours in this regard that references a citizen's right except even an inch in demand and not prompt you . Quite the contrary , this policy of our principal defenders councilor colleagues should be . this issue of dominant parliament of our members and from the public sensibility expect , \"he said .
second session of the meeting will be held tomorrow .

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