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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 15:08

From birth of young people'stay in the game'

From birth of young people'stay in the game'
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Darüşşafaka Nativity Basketball , children's and youth sports to direct'Game Kal'project was launched .

İstanbul news: Under the project a total of 20 young athletes from 10 provinces were selected to the camp . Young athletes with teachers at the camp training began .
'Stay in the game'project with 10 different cities from a total of 20 young athletes , famous teacher at the camp's training began .
Darüşşafaka Emergence of Basketball \"Children play and grow. As it grows as a kid to play the games have fun will begin . different quest , they turned to . we young people , \"your self'll find a game there is always , so you always stay in the game \"call. country are wandering , events we are organizing . neighborhood in dilapidated basketball courts fixing are . youngsters to play sports , basketball , playing we are committed and goal-oriented encourages people to live , \"he started the project reached approximately 5,000 children and young people . The most talented 20 young people to the camp were invited .
11-16 age range of male and female athletes of mixed professional coaches with training in their camp Aydın participating Irem Akaltun of training is intense but the coaches everything in detail show , saying the camp and tutorials as well as is fun future basketball player wants to be idol, American basketball player Allen Iverson basketball like you want to play , he said.
camp training Egemen Yelder while Mersin is coming from , fun and beautiful pass stating his idol position and flexibility for Michael Jordan has chosen he said.
Darüşşafaka Nativity at the end of training and the famous old basketball basketball manager Ibrahim Kutluay , starting from April 10 they went with a young friend they met around 5000 , and together they do training , he said. The aim of the project completely dislike of children and youth basketball , sports grow together , stay away from bad habits and fitness have become a way of life , he said. They go where they met great interest Kutluay stating that the project achieved its purpose , that of new projects in the coming months , he said.

From birth of young people'stay in the game'" comments for.


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