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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 17:42

From Edirne Municipality , Post Historic Buildings Fire Situation Analysis

From Edirne Municipality , Post Historic Buildings Fire Situation Analysis
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Edirne Deputy Mayor Dr.

Edirne news: Ertugrul Tanrikulu, likely to fire to occur , disaster, 110 firefighters of the city's people in situations such as accidents , 155 police , 153 municipalities , 112 health said that should apply immediately to an emergency call telephones. Photo Edirne press conference of the fire building history experienced in the Old City neighborhood editing , Vice President gives technical information about the event experienced Tanrýkulu after the start of the fire after about a half hour of fire information , he said he transferred to the fire department. Photo Ertugrul Tanrikulu, expressed that in case the pupil themselves in Kaleici district with existing historic buildings, many of the incidents he stressed that it is sad .
\" KALEİÇİ our district oUR EYES BABY \"Photo Tanrýkulu history by providing information also on the combustion processes taking place in the building , said:Photo \"Edirne has no we do not want , while making many efforts in conservation of historical monuments dot unfortunately sometimes these kinds of events occur . Actual events we were both very upset I was very nervous. Old City neighborhood , our eyes , our baby , our historical monuments in the region it is very important to us. Yesterday Ilhan Koman history of the building which houses our fear of the other historic buildings on fire and jump scared us and was very nervous . Edirne Municipality and our firefighters are prepared in such situations , but we felt the need to provide technical information about the event that happened yesterday. We watch yesterday's fire incident by security forces were given notice to 10.43't . It was also reported that the fire precautions and measures aimed at firefighters as not desirable. \"Photo \" THE FIRE THE FIRST TO BE A SMALL NUMBER are 110 \"Photo experienced the potential fire hazards , such as accident events in high-risk situations should be consulted immediately reminded that emergency contact phone Tanrýkulu , \"I want to appeal to people of Edirne . At first a small fire in the number to call is 110 . So I can put it , I mean I saw a little thing goes if I already hit on him or something goes off if I keep the water hose , especially in those types of buildings is not possible . Please things we want in this kind of situation is this , to inform the fire brigade immediately . In yesterday's fire , there's a very serious difference with the start of the period of time the fire brigade in action with the information given . There are close to 1 and a half hour time difference . It was also very upset us . This type of wooden buildings you've seen in a side burst into flames on the side we think that by extinguishing the fire began to burst . Because the building is lit from the inside. So Edirne our people this point we desire , in such fires , in these types of disasters , 110 firefighters in accidents , 155 police , 153 municipalities , 112 health to apply immediately to the emergency phone , \"he said. Photo Tanrýkulu , finally, the region with the yesterday's fire they begin working on their working arrangements to be brighter traffic on the street with the Ministry of Education , he added .

From Edirne Municipality , Post Historic Buildings Fire Situation Analysis" comments for.


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