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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 16:25

From farmers Off Road Action

From farmers Off Road Action
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MALATYA ( dpa)-Malatya farmers, irrigation water shortage grounds of their actions made ​​by closing the road to traffic .

Malatya news:
Battalgazi in the morning and leaving farmers with their tractors towards the front of the governor's office was cut by members of the police . Time discussing with the police , farmers with their tractors in the neighborhood Hanımınçiftlig way off, the action they did. The road completely closed to traffic for the farmers , that they wanted to discuss with Governor Falcons were Vasip . Yavuz Yasar citizens who attended the demonstration took sick. Sara learned that she was suffering Yavuz , Malatya State Hospital by ambulance from the scene under treatment were removed . Later, sitting in the middle of the road and brought with them once again closed to traffic wheel path with the farmers, the CHP Malatya Provincial Police Director President Anwar Cherry and did an interview with Omar Urhal . Two representatives selected from farmers and CHP Malatya Provincial President Anwar Cherry, experiencing a shortage of irrigation water on the Malatya Governor Vasip Falcons went to negotiate with . Farmers'representatives who choose , Provincial Police Chief Omar Urhal authorities with the tool the governor took .
After the meeting, made ​​a statement CHP Malatya Provincial President Anwar Cherry, farmers'issues Governor Sahin message and they within a week treatment water channel on the granting of work say that states that had . Cherry, the acceleration of work that saving, \"Governor , at the latest within one week treatment of water in the canal also would have . A from the dam taking water channel to transfer project there. Him about the technical work is done to us said ,\"he said .
Battalgazi irrigation in problem for several years continued voicing Cherry, \"this issue, we all know. past years have come and there are various determinations made. dirty water irrigation water used in the forced to have seen that . them resimleyip , by displaying shared with the public ,\"he said .
Farmers, Governor Hawk was dispersed without incident after negotiations with the road and opened to traffic .

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