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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:37

From Governor Visits Tkdk'y

From Governor Visits Tkdk'y
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Ardahan Governor Ahmet Deniz, Agriculture and Rural Development Support Agency ( TKDK ) is visited .

Ardahan news: Photo Agency's provincial coordinator , Mehmet Zahid Governor receiving information from were born Sea, together with the organization's employees came together in a meeting room , activity areas and found the situation assessment about life in the projects. Photo Governor Sea, encouraged then tkdk'n of the sonce the Kaptanpaşa neighborhood launched by Mustafa Yildirim of 1,638,687,75 pounds project \"Lightning Apart Tourism Site \"construction and İnönü Kenan in the neighborhood of stars belonging 1,422,400,00 pounds realized the project \"North Star Boutique Hotel \"toured the construction . Governor stating that the support of a significant grant for Photo tkdk'n entrepreneurs Sea, \"in our city, we need to improve , especially entrepreneurs and the number of projects . Our work should be in this direction. We have to encourage to submit project our citizens . There is support in the serious sense for the organization's entrepreneurs. with entrepreneurial spirit detecting and our citizens , when we encouraged to submit project will be new investments in Ardahan and this province's development will lead to growth , \"he said .
Governor Sea also Ardahan tkdk'n the 66 projects it supports , the investment amount of the project the total is 32,085,089,59 TL and the amount paid by the TKDK noted that £ 17,058,155,857 .


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