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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 17:11

From Karçimsa Iftar Dinner

From Karçimsa Iftar Dinner
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KARDEMİR Inc. and is located in partnership with Sabanci Holng Iftar dinner was organized by Karçimsa .

Karabük news: KARDEMİR Inc. and is located in partnership with Sabanci Holng Iftar dinner was organized by Karçimsa .
Safranbolu Bonding Palace held at the iftar dinner Karabük Governor Orhan Alimoğlu as well as the Deputy Governors Tarkan Sharp and Erkan Albin , Chief of Police david Tezsev the Safranbolu Governor Muata Bulandshahr , KARDDEM's Inc. Chairman Mutullah Yolbulan , vice-chairman of Kamil distress, and a board member of Call distress, and Karçimsa General Manager Sezgin Sezer, AKÇANSA Assistant General Manager and businessmen with davaetli attended.
Iftar dinner after the speech Karçimsa General Director Sezgin Sezer, about the factory by providing information , \"Sabancı Holding Cement groups AKÇANSA with KARDEMİR between the companies with a partnership in 1998, began operations Karçimsa Akçansa produced by the clicks and KARDEMİR grunir slag the grinding of cement standards, production of blended cement are doing . mineral additives to be used in ground slag have been making ready-mixed concrete and direct sales tesisleşme . annual production of 350 thousand tons of cement bagged and bulk cement made ​​55 percent , and 45 percent are sold direct ground slag . Karabük , Safranbolu, Ankara and Kastamonu have been sold to the market . We produce ground slag slag blended cement ready-mix concrete and normal strength cement an early age due to the effects of chemical based , despite a slightly lower olmaısn 28 days and continued at a younger age when the chemical reaction provides long-lasting structure . And ground slag cement factory in 2009 , as well as within the scope of Safranbolu and C30 output in two ready-mixed concrete plants and over 400 years we have been producing cubic meters of ready mixed concrete . Together with our partners is our priority to provide the best quality service to local people . Respectful of the surrounding communities develop our business gayretindeyiz good , \"he said .

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