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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:11

From Kovancılar Municipality , Uğur Polat President Visits

From Kovancılar Municipality , Uğur Polat President Visits
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Yesilyurt central district of Malatya and Kovancılar Council took the first steps to become a sister city .

Malatya news: Kovancılar Mayor Hadji Akpinar, Yesilyurt visited Mayor Haji Uğur Polat in his office. Speaking at a Photo Visit Elazig Kovancılar Mayor Hadji Akpinar, \"I demanded that Kovancılar and Yesilyurt Council's sister city . Our president came to visit on this occasion . strengthening local governance , the development of mutual relations between the two municipalities , experience, knowledge will be carried out exchanges and cooperation in order to provide assistance , \"he said . expressing his satisfaction at Photo Visit Yesilyurt Mayor Haji Uğur Polat , \"We are all in the same boat . each other Ansar and the Emigrants we have to be . especially supposed to be our transfer absolute knowledge of our municipality. information , knowledge , experience, almost we find it for him. knowledge is the greatest treasure . we all together there will be a buildup of US .'ll go to a very small municipality, we do what wonder you thought in your project , then the municipality you will see that realized . He will give you a light. Hopefully with our decision in the municipal council first steps are for us to be brothers with Kovancılar \"he said.

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