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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:55

From metropolitan schools in Sporting Goods

From metropolitan schools in Sporting Goods
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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality , March 30, after the services included within the borders of the nine new schools in the district did not leave unattended .

İzmir news: In the first stage of 48 schools in four districts of sports equipment needs were met . The distribution of the remaining five districts will begin in the coming days .
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, due to financial difficulties can not provide sports equipment to support the public schools is happening . Students'physical education classes you need for the materials to schools by submitting both in different schools among students equal opportunities are being created , as well as children's physical, contribute to the development is provided.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Department organized by the \"the Needs Schools Sporting Goods Aid Project the scope of \"this year, the newly connected to the borders of Greater weight is given to schools in the district . Cherries in the first place , quinine , and standing Beydag materials were distributed in 48 schools in the district . Representative distribution ceremony, the Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Aysel Özkan, with the participation of the Commodity Exchange Elementary School was held.
Project branch balls, volleyball nets , chess board, weightless pyramid chess, medicine ball , shorts-shirts , tracksuits, hats, badminton sets , table tennis table , table tennis racket-ball , gymnastics mats , traffic cone, point dish, slalom team , training vests , ball carrying nets , basketball nets , football-basketball-volleyball uniform shorts and similar materials to schools deliver were . The coming days from Karaburun, Fountain Tire , Shipping and Bergama district schools in material intended for distribution begun , said.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, every year a new sport introducing contributed to the frame of the Project in previous years in badminton for diffusion of investments had presented . Starting next year, the school bocce branch introduced to their aims .
Bocca WHAT?
Bocce sport origin of Anatolia based and 5000 BC in the play is estimated to be . Was first introduced in the games with polished boulders , now completely round and is played with balls made ​​of synthetic materials . In its present form , was first played by the Romans and \"bocce \"was the name of the Romans . Is considered to be one of the oldest sports . Bocce increasingly popular nowadays , a great game is also known as the cluster goal in this game , roll the ball thrown ball near the goal of ensuring that . Opponent of the ball closer to the goal as the ball gets a point for each ball thrown and the player winning the game is 15 points .

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