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From metropolitan-Service Training Program

From metropolitan-Service Training Program
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Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, in-service training to its employees under the performance-enhancing programs and provides training .

Erzurum news: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, in-service training to its employees under the performance-enhancing programs and provides training .
business, and education in the world of sports trainer, consultant , mentor , known as a famous scientist Professor Dr. Turgay given by Bice \"Performance of positive thinking skills and imagination as \"working in the institution's branch managers attended the seminar . Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, Human Resources and Training Department Training Department by Xanadu Snow White in the hotel program held Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ali Reza tiler , Human Resources and Training Department Asst. Assoc. Dr. Education Branch Manager with Fuat Khan also attended Tayyip Çubukcu . Secretary-General of the tiler , in his speech at the opening of the seminar , a higher quality service in order to increase the efficiency of the new information professionals should reach each , he said. Tiler , said continued:
\"contemporary modern requirements closely follow and institutional developments constantly who study Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, working in shifts of our friends , new knowledge and technologies, learn and improve themselves is required. Authority employees in the multi-faceted skills have new vision building and effective teamwork adaptability features such as seeking . for this reason, the Civil Servants Act 214 with Article premises of civil servants trained ensure that , to improve efficiency more potential service approach-service training activities has become compulsory. these training services to improve the quality to innovation and development will also facilitate compliance . \"Tiler also emphasized the importance of staff training , \"Through this training we give our staff a healthy and provide quality services to our citizens, \"he said.

The importance of education Vice President of Human Resources and Training Department . Assoc. Dr. Khan said, \"Our Training Branch staff training began . Our goal is to be in-service training of staff at periodic intervals , the training and to evaluate the continuity of the show ,\"he said . Education Branch Manager Çubukcu , the in-service training on the importance of noting , \"Our training will last 3 days . National team's trainer Prof. Dr. Bice , the administrator of our management as required by the basic principles and techniques , positive thinking describes ,\"he said .

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