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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:23

From Past to Present Historical Exhibit Eregli

From Past to Present Historical Exhibit Eregli
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Eregli district of Konya , \"Past and Present History of Eregli Art and Music Event\"was held at the Cultural Center .

Konya news:
Ereğli Municipality with contributions Stopped Kuzucu organized by and Piro Quarter Mukhtar , Hilmi Erel's archives Enriched with , From Past to Present Eregli History Art and Music Event'Eregli Governor Shakir Erden , Mayor Ozkan confidence , Garrison Commander , Captain Adam Tola , Deputy Mayor Zuhal War and Flood Agah , director of public institutions and a large number of invitees. Eregli in past years , where the exhibition of paintings and documents, visit the program began with the opening speech of the event organizer Stopped Kuzucu did. Kuzucu exception in one night is a combination , said their hearts soldiers and that Eregli contribute to the culture in order to ensure organized this event , he said.
Mayor Ozkan confidence , the event organizer Stopped Kuzucu eco-friendly , heart-friendly Noting that he Eregli'views on many issues to take advantage of that , he said. Eregli's history , social and cultural aspects of the unknown many features that underlines the confidence , \"Painting exhibition we saw many pictures and document this fact is revealed. Important thing here is these values ​​bring together , collate an uncovered piece removed. Such a study place those who will take orders and we will add richness to the culture of Eregli any work will be with them as material and spiritual , \"he said . Chairman confidence after the speech activity to prepare and contributing Stopped Kuzucu plaque , Hilmi Erel the flowers were presented .
\"Lately we live in cities with buildings are proud of ,\"said Governor Shakir Erden said:\"This physically visible parts . But soul of the city need to capture . such studies this spirit more to revive and young generations to be transferred will be the occasion . Exhibited pictures and documents related to our President-ordered . it a corporate identity formalization asked . these records to CD media really need to be replicated and Ereğli that mainly distributed to guests including students Eregli knowledge about the history and culture must be ensured , \"he said .
program after the speeches prepared cinevision show and ended with a concert of Turkish Art Music .


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