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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 17:39

From the Association Lifetime of Love'Bonzai'Statement

From the Association Lifetime of Love'Bonzai'Statement
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Mardin Lifetime Love Association , to create awareness about social issues such as drug staged press release .

Mardin news: Mardin Lifetime Love Association , social problems such as drug awareness about to create a press release held.
Mardin Lifetime Love Association President Mehmet Ali Demir, on drugs to create awareness press release held. And substance abuse in Mardin in Turkey in the last few years show a significant increase , indicating that iron, previously unseen compared to European countries as a major problem in this situation threatened , he said. Iron, \"in Turkey in recent days, widespread in the brain and body lasting devastation drugs bonzai concerns about our day to day is increasing. Bonzai in Turkey in recent years widely used see that . These drugs in 2011 in Turkey is entering data are available . But recently become very widespread use. most important danger that use of the substance in the 99 percent risk of sudden death is . Persons this substance, taking with heart rates change , breathable inability , hallucinations we say we have not seeing things , and then the heart and circulatory system, the introduction of a truly sudden death can be . Bonzai age of first use , unfortunately the age of 11 falls below we see that . Bonzai sudden death if not very intense panic attacks like those living persons that death tribe from the lo even then a panic, suffering , panic disorder patients as encountered in the can . Bonzai uses one sometimes possible to encounter a similar situation with schizophrenia . Article dreams of getting connected to symptoms such as visual aggression is happening. Harm to society of drug use and see that person . In addition, young people who use drugs in the approach of the family is of great significance . Every family with a child interested and supportive treatment should be conscious . Experts continue in this way in case of drug use after 20-30 years the world will become a sick society , he says. There were no deaths from the use of bonzai in Mardin . However, our young people are dying every day in our different provinces . Mardin civilian authorities and police called the death of members of the bonzai drug to be sold in a way that's so easy and clear the way for our young people reach a moment ago , we are hoping to cut themselves , \"he said .

From the Association Lifetime of Love'Bonzai'Statement" comments for.


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