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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:18

From the Association of Journalists Call for Common Sense

From the Association of Journalists Call for Common Sense
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Kırşehir the Central Anatolian Journalists Federation Chairman Mehmet Emin Turpç the face of the incidents in recent days has called for common sense .

Kırşehir news:
Mehmet Emin Turpç , \"the last days on Turkey being played the game in the face of our people common sense is required. Turkey is a big country . plays the game you never will . region which is experiencing an unfortunate development in the face I believe that the necessary volumes falling over with excess are doing . our people action while public buildings and harm people sorting to be is nothing . Actions to make burn demolished to loot are different things. Polis our area artisans visit and common sense to call the money that should not happen. Bingol killed in police our Kırsehir Anatolia Journalists Federation on as Vice President of Allah expressed condolences to the grieving families mercy from my wishes are . those who want to profit from this environment must be known are those who want to drag the country into chaos . , but never have the opportunity until our government security agencies will not be made . \"he said.
Turpç also , \"that we are in , and Turkey also intended to be the war environment , even a large country as refugees all necessary support giving our doors opened . required humanitarian assistance also will do. Area population of a state beyond as chaos and those who want needed answered , but just Kopani not the State of Turkey in Mosul, Kirkuk also the same benefits by doing injustice stand he said. our people no longer necessary common sense call must respond , \"he said.

From the Association of Journalists Call for Common Sense" comments for.


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