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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:24

From the large metropolitan cities of Conduct

From the large metropolitan cities of Conduct
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Army Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB ) commissioned by which only the land can not be found for around two years, held even refrained from holding a position to come to TOBB Industrial Vocational High School of the land expropriation compensation Army Metropolitan Municipality by paying handover protocol was signed .

Ordu news:
Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall held at the handover ceremony, the military Governor lore Balkanlıoğlu, Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz, Provincial Education Director Nevzat Türkkan, Army, Commerce and Industry Chamber ( OTSON ) Chairman Servet Sahin joined . Irfan Balkanlıoğlu Governor at the signing ceremony in his speech , \"Education is our everything . Younger generation of our best training we can confidently to the future we'll see . Today the world's most developed countries fully and timely education and human investments made through this situation are . Educational matters just Directorate of Education or the Ministry of Education business can not and should not be. So in education place to come to , and success , to ensure confidence in the future will look better educating generations if we want everyone's total mobilization would be an extremely important subject are expressing is, \"he said.
Balkanlıoğlu Governor , \"Changed legislation , together with municipalities to support education may be , the school can do , the moral and material can contribute to a position arrived . now the municipalities of worship can achieve , the places of worship support to be found in . the same time, the school can do . schools can support . schools may issue their land . In many ways, the Ministry of Education remains incomplete , which remained unfinished in areas where complementary support can be found in \"by saying ,\"Dear Metropolitan Mayor , TOBB making the decision whether but land problems due to long-standing and sphacelous a problem point put . The main issue was the question of the place . Due to the ultra-modern school place can not solve the problem . Now up to 70 people here were willing individual and expropriation made ​​by the Metropolitan Municipality has resolved . We will achieve our school will provide vocational and technical education . This is our school Army wished promising , \"he said .
Yilmaz:\" 2 MILLION 157 THOUSAND expropriation price we paid \"
Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz in his speech ,\"Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of the Union Army is planning to do but land allocation because up to this point are unable to issue Mr. Governor , Provincial Education Principal , Industry and Chamber of Commerce President, with our interviews we conducted as a result of Akçatepe in the neighborhood of 21 acres near the area of ​​expropriation costs 2 million 157 we have received a price of thousand TL . Here for years expected TOBB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School will be held , \"he said .
After the speeches, the governor lore Balkanlıoğlu, Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz and OTSON Speaker Servet Sahin signing protocol was performed . TOBB Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, 32 classrooms and two work to be done as atölyel .

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